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The Administration Department manages the following programs:

Citizens' Assistance

Citizens' Assistance operates the City Information Center in the lobby of the City Administration Building; maintains a citywide employee database and internet information resource database; schedules use of the City Administration Building lobby displays; produces bilingual resource documents; administers the Citywide Route Slip Tracking System for responses to public inquiries, complaints, and service requests directed to the City's legislative officials; and performs as-needed ombudsman services for customers.

Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Program

The Emergency Medical Services Program provides oversight and administration of the City's contracts for EMS and medical transportation services as well as the City EMS Medical Director.

Equal Benefits Program

The Equal Benefits Program ensures compliance with the Equal Benefits Ordinance (EBO) by assisting contractors in understanding obligations, monitoring contracts, maintaining records, conducting reviews, investigating complaints, and providing reports as needed.

Equal Opportunity Contracting (EOC)

Equal Opportunity Contracting serves both businesses and the labor market by working to ensure equal access to contracting opportunities with the City of San Diego. Working in partnership with City departments/agencies and other local, State, and federal agencies, the EOCP monitors and enforces equal opportunity and public contracting laws related to the use of construction contractors, consultants, vendors, and suppliers.

Living Wage Program

The Living Wage Program is responsible for the continual monitoring of the City's contracts for compliance with the mandates of the Living Wage Ordinance, and responding to and resolving complaints from employees of contracted firms.

Mentor Protégé Program

The Mentor Protégé Program, developed in cooperation with the Associated General Contractors of America, San Diego Chapter (AGC), has been designed to produce a broad base of high quality, competitive and profitable construction companies through incremental improvement. It is a deliberate effort to address and subsequently overcome barriers that typically inhibit or restrict the success of emerging minority and women-owned construction companies and assist with maximizing their economic opportunities.