Affordable Housing Task Force

Tuesday, May 13, 2003
CONTACT:  Penni Takade

Subcommittee Recommendations Regarding Affordable Housing
to be Discussed at May 15 Task Force Meeting

SAN DIEGO, CA - Recommendations by subcommittees will be discussed at the May 15 meeting of the City of San Diego’s Affordable Housing Task Force. The meeting will be held from noon to 3 p.m. in the Training Room on the fourth floor of the Development Services Center, 1222 First Ave., in downtown San Diego. The public will also have an opportunity to speak to the task force about affordable housing issues.

Task force members will deliberate and discuss specific recommendations presented by the Finance Subcommittee and the Preservation and Renter's and Homeowner's Issues Subcommittee. At the last meeting on May 10, the task force discussed and voted on the specific recommendations presented by the Identification of Issues Subcommittee and the Development, Regulations and Incentives Subcommittee, and began to discuss recommendations from the Finance Subcommittee.

Issues discussed at the meetings will be used by the task force to make recommendations on affordable housing to the City. City staff will begin work this year on the City’s 2004-2009 Housing Element, which will include recommendations by the task force as appropriate. The Mayor and City Council will make the final decision on the Housing Element.

The Affordable Housing Task Force is comprised of 20 members who represent community organizations and planning boards, housing and environmental advocates, charitable organizations, academics, affordable housing developers, realtors, apartment owners, business and labor. The task force will assist in identifying areas of change that will result in an increase to the City’s affordable housing stock. Recommendations could include such areas as financial strategies, housing production goals and current regulatory impediments. The May 15 meeting will be the second-to-last meeting of the task force.

For more information about the task force, visit the City's web site at www.sandiego.gov, and click on the link under "News and Special Announcements." The web page includes meeting agendas and minutes, a list of task force members, and other information.

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