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Citizens' Task Force on Chargers Issues
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The following additional documents prepared by Barrett Sports Group, LLC are available on file in the City Clerk's office: Preliminary Due Diligence Report, September 25, 2002; NFL Stadium Development Case Studies, October 10, 2002; NFL Relocation Overview, October 24, 2002; and G-3 Program Overview, November 14, 2002

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Historical Documents

Other Reviewed Documents

The Citizens' Task Force on Chargers Issues has also reviewed the following documents during the information gathering process.
  • Fitch Ratings - Revenue Special Report "U.S. Sports Facility Finance - Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow", January 6, 2003
  • Impact Analysis of Super Bowl XXXII on the City of San Diego, San Diego County, and the State of California, October 1998
  • The Economic Impact of Hosting Super Bowl XXVIII on Georgia, Georgia Business and Economic Conditions, May-June 1994
  • The Economic Impact of the 2002 Super Bowl on the New Orleans Area Economy, Timothy P. Ryan, May 2002
  • Major League Losers, Chapter 9, Rosentraub, pp. 317-337
  • Football Team Valuations, Forbes, September 2, 2002
  • Tax Me Out to the Ballgame, Ronald D. Utt, The American Legion Magazine, August 2002
  • Utt, Ronald Dreams and Schemes: The False Promise of a Sports-Based Revitalization Strategy, April 17, 1999
  • Professional Sports Subsidy as Economic Development, Jack Sylvan, August 1998
  • Playing the Stadium Game, Financing Professional Sports Facilities in the 90s, Mandy Rafool, Legislative Finance Paper, June 1997
  • An Examination of Sporting Event Economic Impact Studies, Victor Matheson, The Sport Journal, Spring 2002

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