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FY2015:  Construction Contracts awarded for a total value of

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The requisite justification memo for all contracts identified below as sole-source contracts is included in the PDF document for each contract. It is available for viewing by clicking on the Contract Number for the desired project.

To comply with the requirements of Proposition A and the San Diego Sunshine Act, the contracts listed here are being made available to help ensure that the public has access to government information and policymaking information. These resources provide, in a searchable format, the text of all construction project contracts entered into by the City valued at more than $25,000, from July 1, 2014 through June 30, 2015.

To view a contract, click on the Contract Number for the desired project.

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Contract Number Contract Name Award Date Award Amount Contractor Number of Bidders Contact
K-15-6430-EMR-2 Carroll Canyon Rd Storm Drain Emergency Repairs 3/20/2015 $250,000.00 Cass Construction, Inc. 1 Clementina Giordano
L-15-1212-DBB-1 Solola & Euclid CR Obstruction DS 3/16/2015 $138,773.60 New Century Construction, Inc. 3 Clementina Giordano
K-15-6267-DBB-3 AC Water Group 1006 and Storm Drain Group 1006 3/12/2015 $2,722,017.60 KTA Construction, Inc. 6 Clementina Giordano
K-15-6285-DBB-3 South Chollas Landfill Operations Yard Improvement Project 3/11/2015 $8,800,577.00 SRM Contracting and Paving 8 Clementina Giordano
L-156374-DBB-2 Skyline Temporary Fire Station 3/4/2015 $361,970.22 Montgomery Construction Services, Inc. 5 Clementina Giordano
L-15-1242-DBB-1 Group Job 13B Curb Ramps 2/23/2015 $139,995.00 A.B. Hashmi, Inc. 8 Damian Singleton
K-15-5716-DBB-3 University Avenue Pipeline Replacement 2/20/2015 $19,354,365.00 Burtech Pipeline, Inc 2 Damian Singleton
K-15-1217-DBB-3 Boundary St & Edmonton Ave SMR 2/19/2015 $456,466.63 Pullman Engineering, Inc 32 Damian Singleton
K-14-6014-DBB-3 Florida Drive Median Barrier 11/25/2014 $707,942.00 Hazard Construction Company 4 Eleida Felix Yackel
K-14-1097-DBB-3 Pipeline Rehab Phase F-2 (Laterals) 11/10/2014 $5,093,938.90 Burtech Pipeline Incorporated 4 Eleida Felix Yackel
K-15-6229-DBB-3 FY 14 - Slurry Seal Group 2 9/25/2014 $385,680.00 APR Construction Inc. 3 Eleida Felix Yackel
L-14-1221-DBB-2 Central Ave. Mini Park Phase II Skate Plaza 9/25/2014 $385,680.00 APR Construction Inc. 3 Eleida Felix Yackel
L-14-6053-DBB-2 FY'13 Slurry Seal Group VII 7/22/2014 $267,762.00 Tri-Group Construction & Development, Inc. 2 Eleida Felix Yackel
L-15-1209-DBB-2 Torrey Pines Road Improvements Phase I 1/12/2015 $281,917.00 Tri-Group Construction and Development, Inc. 4 Eleida Felix Yackel
K-15-6020-DBB-3 MYF Rehab Runway 5/23 & Taxiway G 1/22/2015 $4,810,519.21 West Coast General Corporation 6 Eleida Felix Yackel
K-15-1180-DBB-3 South Mission Beach Lifeguard Station 2/9/2015 $3,736,169.00 EC Constructors, Inc. 8 Damian Singleton
K-15-6230-DBB-3 FY 14 Slurry Seal Group 3 2/11/2015 $2,520,000.00 Intermountain Slurry Seal 3 Damian Singleton
K-15-5368-DBB-3 Pipeline Rehab - Phase G-2 (Laterals); K-15-5368-DBB-3 1/20/2015 $4,106,220.00 Southwest Pipeline & Trenchless Corp. 4 Clementina Giordano
K-15-1234-DBB-3 Los Penasquitos / Black Mountain Ranger Station 1/6/2015 $1,124,230.00 West Coast General Corp. 6 Damian Singleton
K-14-6181-MAC-3 Orion Construction Corp./Balboa Construction Inc. J.V. 1/9/2015 $3,147,000.00 Orion Construction Corp./Balboa Construction Inc. J.V. 5 Clementina Giordano
K-15-6354-EMR-3 "Emergency Repairs of the 16" DI Pipeline at I-15 and East Mission Bay Drive 12/17/2014 $750,000.00 J.R. Filanc Construction Company, Inc. 1 Clementina Giordano
K-15-5875-DBB-3-C Sewer Group 691 11/25/2014 $2,390,083.00 Ortiz Corporation 4 Damian Singleton
K-14-1189-DB1-2 Mission Beach Lifeguard Station Improvements Design-Build Contract 10/21/2014 $362,000.00 Tony Cossi Construction 1 Damian Singleton
K-14-1225-DBB-3 Sewer Group Job 833 9/8/2014 $483,300.00 Burtech Pipeline Incorporated 2 Eleida Felix Yackel
K1-15-1196-1013 Sewer Group Job 795 10/30/2014 $649,970.50 Southwest Pipeline & Trenchless, Inc 4 Damian Singleton
K-15-6162-MAC-3 Otay 1st PL University Heights 11/18/2014 $3,170,535.00 El Cajon Grading & Engineering Co., Inc. 4 Clementina Giordano
L-14-1211-DBB-2 Preece Street Storm Drain Replacement 10/22/2014 $209,600.00 Rentex Construction, Inc. 10 Clementina Giordano
L-14-6052-DBB-2 FY'13 Slurry Seal Group VI 6/26/2014 $248,747.00 PAL General Engineering, Inc. 2 Clementina Giordano
K-14-6148-MAC-3-C Water Group Job 948 and Water & Sewer Group Job 963 10/14/2014 $6,936,845.00 Ortiz Corporation 4 Clementina Giordano
K-14-1187-DBB-1 Restoration and Painting of Talmadge Acorn Streetlights 10/8/2014 $194,170.00 CTE, Inc. 2 Damian Singleton
K-14-1195 Sodium Hypochlorite at Otay Water Treatment Plant Design-Build Contract 10/7/2014 Phase 1 - $1,011,375.00
Phase 2 - $1,876.225.00
Orion Construction Corporation 2 Damian Singleton
K-14-1202 Central Ave. Mini Park - Phase I 8/29/2014 $681,740.00 APR Construction, Inc. 6 Clementina Giordano
K-14-1213 Skylark Canyon Sewer Rehabilitation 9/26/2014 $419,900.00 Wier Construction Corporation 2 Clementina Giordano
K-14-5766 Pipeline Rehabilitation T-1 9/25/2014 $2,086,414.20 Southwest Pipeline and Trenchless 2 Damian Singleton
K-14-6224 Reimbursement Agreement - Project 43-21 & U-4 - Little McGonigle Ranch Road Pipeline-Phases II & V - in the Del Mar Mesa & Pacific Highlands Ranch Communities 9/19/2014 $4,300,000.00 Pardee Homes N/A Frank Romero
L-14-5685-DBB-2 Avocado Place Brow Ditch Repair Project 8/29/2014 $233,834.00 New Century Construction 8 Damian Singleton
K-14-6099-DBB-3-C FY 14 Concrete Street Panel Replacement Group 2 8/27/2014 $3,428,300.00 Portillo Concrete 3 Damian Singleton
K-14-1013-DB1-3-B Balboa Golf Course - Concrete Improvements Design-Build Contract 7/25/2014 $1,486,582.00 PAL General Engineering, Inc 5 Damian Singleton
K-14-5958-DBB-3 Torrey Highlands Park - Play Area Upgrades 9/2/2014 $626,000.00 Alvand Construction 8 Clementina Giordano
L-14-6198-DBB-1 Museum of Man Interior Repairs 8/25/2014 $155,000.00 Handy Industrial 3 Clementina Giordano
K-14-5976-DBB-3-A Point Loma Digesters 7, N1/N2., C1/C2 Roof Coating Replacement Bubble/Blister Repair 8/14/2014 $721,595.00 Brazos Urethane, Inc. 4 Damian Singleton
K-14-6120-DBB-3 Horton Plaza Improvement Project 8/19/2014 $14,456,555.00 Echo Pacific Construction, Inc. 8 Damian Singleton
K-14-5653-DBB-3 Wegeforth Elementary School Joint Use Park Improvements 8/17/2014 $2,323,232.00 Dick Miller, Inc. 5 Eleida Felix Yackel
K-14-6123-MACC-3 Emerald Hills Standpipe Demolition (Task #9) 8/18/2014 $617,281.00 J.R. Filanc Construction Company, Inc. 4 Clementina Giordano
K-14-1172-DBB-3 Pipeline Rehabilitation X-1 7/31/2014 $513,700.00 Burtech Pipeline, Inc 3 Damian Singleton
K-14-1199-DBB-3 Casa De Balboa and Museum of Man ADA Barrier Removal 7/25/2014 $589,700.00 Atlas Development Inc 4 Damian Singleton
K-14-6089-DBA-3 Storm Water Permanent BMP Retrofit Project Design-Build Contract 7/23/2014 $1,643,000.00 Orion Construction 2 Clementina Giordano
K-14-5830-DBB-3 Palm Avenue Roadway Improvements - East of Beyer Way to Del Cardo Avenue 7/15/2014 $1,539,554.00 Tri-Group Construction & Development Inc 4 Damian Singleton
K-14-5963-DBB-3 Poway Road Bicycle Path-Class I 7/1/2014 $1,330,280.00 Ramona Paving & Construction Corp. 12 Eleida Felix Yackel
K-14-4976-DBB-3-C Montgomery Middle School Joint Use Park 7/21/2014 $833,078.00 Dick Miller, Inc. 4 Clementina Giordano
L-14-6056-DBB-2 FY'13 Slurry Seal Group IX 7/21/2014 $248,747.00 PAL General Engineering, Inc. 5 Clementina Giordano

* NTE - Not-to-Exceed