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Civic San Diego Board of Directors


This non-profit corporation is formed to provide redevelopment services which can be done by contract with the Redevelopment Agency of the City of San Diego. These include: effectuation of general Centre City Plan and policies adopted by Redevelopment Agency and San Diego City Council; negotiations and subsequent recommendations to Redevelopment Agency with regard to property areas; recommendations concerning redevelopment plans and project areas and implementation strategies; recommendations regarding priority project areas within redevelopment plan areas; and promotion of redevelopment projects.


Seven (7) members appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by City Council.
One (1) member appointed by the Mayor.
One (1) member appointed by the City Council.

The Council may elect directors to fill a vacant position, except for the director position that represents the Mayor's office, in the event that the Mayor does not submit any candidates to fill any such vacancies for ratification by the Council within 90 days of the notification of any such vacancy.


Three (3) year staggered terms expiring May 1.


Nine (9) members. The Mayor shall appoint one (1) director as a representative of the Mayor and the Council shall appoint (1) director as a representative of the Council.

Seven (7) members shall be persons whose professional background or experience is in the field of finance, general business, real estate development, law or architecture. Each member is prohibited from engaging in any activity which could result in conflict of interest and must make an annual statement of financial disclosure.

Governed By

Articles and Bylaws amended 6/25/2012, by Resolution R-307539;(PDF) California Corporations Code section 5520; Amended and Restated Bylaws; by Resolution R-305691,(PDF) adopted 4/5/2010, Amended and Restated Bylaws, by Resolution R-303849,(PDF) adopted 6/24/2008; Amended Bylaws, by Resolution R-253687,(PDF) adopted 2/24/1981; Approved Conflict of Interest Code, by Resolution R-221934,(PDF) adopted 10/2/1978; Amendment through an Interlineation to Article 9, Section 11 of the Amended and Restated Bylaws; Approved and Adopted Bylaws of Centre City Development Corporation, Inc. - City Document No. 757712, by Resolution R-217306,(PDF) adopted 12/21/1976; Council Policy 000-13.(PDF)

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