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Pension Reform and Budget

Kevin is committed to stabilizing City finances and implementing responsible budget practices to make sure tax dollars can be invested in our neighborhoods.

Solving the City's Pension Crisis

Kevin was a co-author of Proposition B, Comprehensive Pension Reform, which will save taxpayers nearly $1 billion by replacing the current, unsustainable pension system with a 401(k)-style retirement plans and freezes pensionable pay for five years. Kevin continues to be a strong advocate for its full implementation.

Eliminating Government Waste through Competition

Managed competition-the ballot initiative that allows private sector firms to competitively bid on non-public safety City services-was overwhelmingly approved by voters in 2006. It is a proven method for identifying departmental efficiencies that save taxpayers millions of dollars that can be reinvested into public safety and other services. Kevin remains committed to its implementation and will fight to prevent any unnecessary delays.

Guarding Taxpayer Dollars with Responsible Budgets

Kevin is dedicated to guarding tax payer dollars by advocating for fiscally sound and sustainable budgets. In the past, City officials spent recklessly and created programs without adequate planning. City officials would grow structural deficits by funding on-going programs with one-time resources. These irresponsible choices is what eventually led to the financial scandals of the past.

Kevin remains committed to implementing the Independent Budget Analyst's "Guiding Principles for Structural Elimination Plan." This document outlines the steps necessary to prevent structural deficits and future budgetary crises. Kevin voted against the most recent budget, the Fiscal Year 2014 budget, because it violated these principles.