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The mission of the City of San Diego's Speakers Bureau is to share the wealth of information and expertise of its diverse employee pool through a citywide speakers bureau. Speakers will be available to schools and community partnerships on a broad range of topics and areas of study. It is the ideal environment for students to learn about careers and City services.


  • To have an outreach program that will educate both students and teachers about the City services, programs, resources, facilities, and career opportunities through the engagement of City employees in presentations, and interactive classroom discussions.

  • Encourage dialogue between City employees and students, representatives of the community, and interested groups.

  • To work together with local school districts to establish a "City of San Diego Awareness Month" in the San Diego Schools.

City of San Diego Awareness Month: Local schools would designate a certain month of the school year to be "City of San Diego Awareness Month". During this month the local schools would contact the City of San Diego's Speakers Bureau to schedule speakers to appear in their schools to talk about various topics.

This is the first phase of an outreach program which we hope to expand to include other activities to increase citizens' awareness of the City's services, programs and career opportunities.

Professionals from diverse City departments will be available to speak before students, teachers and management staff of local schools to present information on a wide range of interesting topics and career opportunities and involve students in challenging learning experiences so as to enhance their development both in and out of the classroom. Example: Studying Biology. Why not ask a City biologist to discuss a typical work day with students?