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Management Team


photo of Bob VacchiRobert A. Vacchi
Assistant: Michelle Frick
(619) 446-5423

Jim Myers
Assistant Deputy Director
Information Technology & Records
(619) 446-5007

Data processing support, Project Tracking System (PTS) development, records, purchasing, cashiers, and facilities management.

Building Construction & Safety

Photo of Afsaneh Ahmadi

Afsaneh Ahmadi, P.E.
Chief Building Official
(619) 557-7998

Plan review and inspection for building, plan processing, project submittal, mechanical, plumbing, electrical and fire, grading permits, public Improvements, construction inspections, enforcement of municipal and model codes.

William Barrañón
Assistant Deputy Director
Inspection Services
(858) 573-1216

Construction Inspections of structural, electrical, plumbing, mechanical and fire system installations for mobile home parks, residential, commercial and industrial buildings. Enforce compliance with local and state regulations to ensure fire, life and health safety, and public welfare.

Photo of Leslie Goossens

Leslie Goossens
Assistant Deputy Director
Submitted Project Processing Section
(619) 446-5431

Construction and Development Permit project processing, including setup, plans processing, plan pick-up, issuance, closeout, and ministerial project management.

Code Enforcement

Photo of Melody Negrete

Melody Negrete
Code Enforcement Officer
(619) 533-6140

Permit submittal, processing and issuance functions for construction and development permits. Code enforcement activities related to violations of building, housing, land use, disabled access and noise regulations.

Advanced Planning & Engineering

Deputy Director

Environmental, subdivision, and current planning and zoning functions related to ministerial and discretionary projects; and the discretionary engineering and mobility planning functions will be performed by this division.

Kerry Santoro
Interim Assistant Deputy Director
Current Planning
(619) 446-5121

Environmental review, planning review, long-term permit monitoring, development and permit information.

Photo of Greg Hopkins

Greg Hopkins
Assistant Deputy Director
Discretionary Engineering
(619) 446-5291

Discretionary engineering and transportation development review, map checking, easement acquisitions, addressing, street naming and field surveys.

Project Management

Deputy Director

Office of Small Business, Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program, Business Finance, Economic Growth Services, Facilities Financing, Public Facilities Financing Plans, development impact fee programs and project management.

Photo of Mike Westlake

Mike Westlake
Assistant Deputy Director
Project Management
(619) 446-5220

The Project Management section is responsible for processing the City’s discretionary land development projects, ensuring all submitted discretionary project applications are provided with a timely, predictable, efficient and fiscally accountable permit review process. Development Project Managers are assigned as the single point of contact for each project, and act as liaison between the City’s multi-disciplinary review team, the applicant, community planning groups, and all other stakeholders. The Project Management section also provides administrative support for the City’s Hearing Officer and the Planning Commission.