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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Commercial FAQs

How do I obtain a permit for commercial tenant improvements (TI)?

Tenant improvements are defined as nonstructural interior alterations to an existing commercial or industrial space.

What are the strapping requirements for water heaters?

The State of California requires that all water heaters in our area be anchored or strapped to resist movement during an earthquake. Read more - Water Heaters (PDF).

What are the minimum requirements for a retaining wall or level backfill?

Construction of retaining walls, except those less than three feet high and not supporting surcharge, requires a permit and is regulated by City of San Diego building codes. Read more - Retaining Wall/Level Backfill (PDF).

What are the specifications for wood and masonry fences?

Construction of wood or masonry fences six feet or less in height and not supporting surcharge does not require a permit from the City of San Diego Development Services Department. Read more - Wood and Masonry fences (PDF).

Can I build a fence?

Refer to Specifications for Wood and Masonry Fences Information Bulletin 223 (PDF) then call (619) 446-5300 to set up an appointment with Development and Permit Information (DPI) counter at the Development Services Department , 1222 First Avenue, 3rd Floor. Walk-ins are welcome, but priority is given to those with appointments.