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Information Bulletins

Current Fee Schedule

On October 13, 2009, the City Council approved new development review fees (per R-305326).

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Info Bulletin Number Subject Description Revision Date File Type
103 Fee Schedule, Mechanical, Plumbing/Gas, Electrical Mechanical, Plumbing/Gas, Electrical Fee Schedule and Worksheet
Use for figuring fees for mechanical, plumbing, gas and electrical work.
July 2014 PDF
(Form Filler)
111 Sign Permits Sign Plan Check to Permit Issuance
Use this bulletin to apply and obtain permits for business sign installation.
June 2015 PDF
114 Master Plans How to Establish and Permit Residential Master Plans
Use this information bulletin to establish and permit master plan residential buildings.
February 2015 PDF
143 Alcoholic Beverage Outlets Permitting Requirements for Alcoholic Beverage Outlets
Use this fee schedule to determine permitting requirements for alcoholic beverage outlets.
July 2014 PDF
144 Adult Entertainment Adult Entertainment Establishments
Use this fee schedule for information on adult entertainment establishments and guidelines for location regulations.
July 2014 PDF
177 Traffic Control How to Obtain a Public Right-of-Way Permit for Traffic Control
Permitting requirements and fees for Public Right-of-Way Permits for Traffic Control.
July 2014 PDF
301 Solar Photovoltaic Systems Solar Photovoltaic Systems
Use this bulletin when constructing renewable energy projects.
October 2015 PDF
500 Substantial Conformance Review Substantial Conformance Review (SCR)
A voluntary service available to customers who are proposing to modify their project after a discretionary permit has been approved by the City. This bulletin provides information on the SCR process and submittal requirements.
July 2014 PDF
501 Fee Schedule, Building Permit Fee Schedule for Construction Permits - Structures
Use this fee schedule to determine building permit and plan check fees.
July 2014 PDF
502 Fee Schedule, Grading and Public Right-of-Way Permits Fee Schedule for Construction Permits Grading and Public Right-of-Way
Use this fee schedule to determine fee and deposit amounts for grading and public right-of-way permits.
July 2014 PDF
503 Fee Schedule, Development Permits and Policy Approvals Fee Schedule for Development Approvals/Permits
Use this fee schedule to determine fee and deposit amounts for development permits and policy approvals.
July 2014
504 Fee Schedule, Subdivision Approvals Fee Schedule for Subdivision Approvals
Use this fee schedule to determine fee and deposit amounts for subdivision improvement agreements, easements, dedications and map processing.
July 2014 PDF
513 Preliminary Review Preliminary Review
This information bulletin describes a service we offer to development customers called preliminary review. It helps you obtain the answers that you need to determine the feasibility of your development project and to be successful in submitting the project for City review.
July 2014 PDF
(Form Filler)
710 Demolition/Removal Permits Permit Instructions, Procedures for Building Demolition/Removal
This Information Bulletin describes the procedures and required permits for demolishing or removing buildings or structures located in the City of San Diego.
July 2014 PDF
Water & Sewer Fees List of fees for permitting water and sewer services
This Information Bulletin describes the fees for permitting water ser­vices and sewer laterals, and water and sewer capacity charges including potable and recycled water for the City of San Diego. Capacity, water wet tap and meter in­stallation fees associated with new construction are de­termined during the construction plan review process.
July 2014 PDF