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Land Development Code


4th Update to the Land Development Code

At February 9, 2006 the California Coastal Commission certified the Fourth Update to the Land Development Code. Three Ordinances are included: O-2006-50 (PDF), O-2006-50-a (PDF), and O-2006-51 (PDF). The Fourth Update to the Land Development Code was initially adopted by the City Council November 22, 2004 (Report to City Council 02-238 (PDF)) and was later amended by the Council on November 28, 2005 in accordance with Coastal Commission’s suggested modifications. The Fourth Update includes 7 policy issues, 17 consistency corrections, and 18 minor format and reference corrections that address changing development practices and improve implementation of City policy, with a specific focus in the areas of housing, environment, and permit process.

The reasonable accommodations amendments bring the City into compliance with Federal and State Housing Acts to afford persons with disabilities the equal opportunity to use and enjoy a dwelling. The resulting housing will be beneficial to meet the needs of the City’s growing population.

Several of the Fourth Update amendments will benefit the environment such as the residential open space zone category amendments which implement the protection of community open space and the emergency restoration amendments which regulate the timing for restoration plans.

Other approved amendments will improve the efficiency of permit processing. The Board of Zoning Appeals has been disbanded with its powers and duties transferred to the Planning Commission, processing of private encroachments in the public right-of-way has been standardized and simplified (Information Bulletin 576) (PDF), site reconnaissance and testing processes have been streamlined (Information Bulletin 560) (PDF), and public linear trails and maintenance access projects have been exempted from some permit requirements at a cost savings to the public.

5th Update to the Land Development Code

The 5th Update to the Land Development Code was presented to the City Council on February 7, 2006, and adopted on February 21, 2006 (Issue Matrix). The project included 49 issues total subdivided into 6 categories including measurement, permit process, use, CEQA implementation, parking, and minor corrections. The 5th Update was a part of implementing the Mayor’s goals to simplify and clarify the development process and remove non-value added steps:

  • Updated outdoor lighting regulations to bring the LDC into compliance with State energy efficient standards and improve the regulations by clarifying the light source shielding requirement and providing alternatives for security lighting.
  • Revised the application and expiration requirements for construction permits to account for complexity of development projects.
  • Created a process to allow applicants to rescind a development permit that has been utilized (i.e. replace an existing use regulated by a Conditional Use Permit).
  • Amended agricultural zoning standards to retain traditional agricultural uses and limit nonagricultural uses in accordance with the San Pasqual Valley Vision Plan.
  • Included parking amendments to facilitate project design on narrow lots.
    Revised the self storage parking requirement to reflect the actual parking need for that type of use.

Three ordinances are associated:

  1. O-2006-86 (19466) became effective March 2006 outside of the coastal overlay zone. The ordinance that includes deviations for the Sustainable Buildings Expedite Program is not effective in the coastal overlay zone. O-2006-86 will be submitted to the Coastal Commission for certification along with other housing amendments such as density bonus and affordable infill housing projects.
  2. O-2006-87 (19467) became effective on August 10, 2006, upon certification of the Local Coastal Program Amendment by the Coastal Commission.
  3. O-2006-88 (19468) became effective March 2006, 30 days following Council approval.

6th Update to the Land Development Code

The 6th Update to the Land Development Code was approved by the City Council on October 13, 2008, and certified by the Coastal Commission on June 11, 2009. A general description of each item approved in the 6 th Update is included in the issue matrix (PDF). (Note: Issue #34 “helicopter landing facilities” was withdrawn from the project prior to City Council approval.) The regulations became effective outside of the Coastal Overlay Zone on December 13, 2008, and effective for areas in the coastal zone on June 11, 2009. Links to each approved ordinance (strikeout-underline format) are provided below: