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Construction & Demolition (C&D) Recycling

At the End of the Project

After passing the final inspection of the permit for which C&D debris recycling deposit was paid, the applicant can request a refund. The total C&D debris recycling deposit paid for the permit may be returned to the applicant if 50% or more of all C&D debris was recycled and/or reused. Refunds for projects recycling less than the required amount will be pro-rated according to the recycling rate achieved by the specific project.

The permit applicant must submit the following within 180 days of passing final inspection:

  • A properly completed Waste Management Form - Part II (WMF II) filled out on the back side of the copy of the completed WMF I, which was submitted when the permit was issued.

  • A copy of the completed WMF I, if not already submitted with WMF II.

  • Evidence, including all recycling, reuse and disposal receipts, photographs and other documentation, which clearly demonstrates that the C&D debris generated by the project was recycled at the applicable recycling rate.

Mailing address for the completed WMF II and all documentation:

City of San Diego
Environmental Services Department
Attn: C&D Diversion Coordinator
9601 Ridgehaven Court, St. 320
San Diego, CA 92123

Requests submitted after 180 days of passing the final inspection date will not be eligible for a refund. In 180 days, incomplete requests that do not submit additional documentation or proof will not be eligible for the refund.