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School Assembly Presentation

The Graffiti Control Program, in partnership with I Love A Clean San Diego Inc., has developed an assembly presentation for children to address the widespread problem of graffiti. This presentation provides background information ("what is graffiti"), discusses the consequences of graffiti vandalism, and suggests some very important solutions and alternatives to this form of expression. This presentation is carefully geared toward reaching children and uses life-size puppets with a quality script from the "Kids on the Block", as well as a productive slide show.

Mural Paintings

In conjunction with the assembly program, the Graffiti Control Program and I Love A Clean San Diego, Inc. also offer the opportunity to produce and participate in a mural painting at the individual schools. By participating in the mural activity, students will be able to express their creativity while demonstrating a constructive alternative to graffiti. Schools may choose to paint the mural on an existing building or wall, or on a canvas provided by our program. The mural design and supplies are provided free of charge.

Preventive Measures

Studies show that youngsters involved in graffiti vandalism start as early as 10. Our approach is a "preventative" measure, emphasizing that graffiti is vandalism and has a very negative impact on San Diego's neighborhoods and our quality of life. Most importantly, the program tries to instill in children a respect for their community and a desire to make a difference in maintaining "America's cleanest neighborhoods."


The presentation lasts roughly 45 minutes. During this time the young pupils see the puppet demonstration and then engage in a question and answer forum that recaps the main issues covered in the skit. Other issues addressed include: defining and identifying graffiti, crime and punishment, costs incurred, negative impact on communities, methods of graffiti removal, and volunteer efforts. The slide show displays the visual images of the issues covered. Students see examples of graffiti on various structures and on both public and private properties. They are also shown examples of how city crews remove graffiti as well as the positive impact of volunteer efforts. Mural slides are also shown to reemphasize the difference between graffiti and art. Lastly, slides comparing neighborhoods with graffiti are contrasted with those that do not have it to instill in the youth they too can help make their neighborhoods look clean and safe.

Additional Information

For further information regarding the Graffiti Assembly Presentation, call the Graffiti Control Program at (619) 527-5449 or send email to