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Adopt-A-Block Program

The Graffiti Control Program's Adopt-a-Block Program functions in the same fashion as the Adopt-a-Highway program. It is a group effort on behalf of community residents to commit to "adopting" a particular location and ensuring it remains graffiti free. You can adopt as an individual or as part of a group. If you have decided to work as a group, the Graffiti Control Program recommends making a phone list of all the participants and delegating specific tasks, such as picking up the paint, etc. Individuals or groups can choose a specific location, or ask the Graffiti Control Program staff to suggest one for you. Locations can be public or private property, and can range from a single structure, such as a retaining wall, to an area of many blocks.

A completed Adopt-A-Block Agreement Form must be submitted on-line to the Graffiti Control Program. The party, or parties, involved, should also identify the amount of paint and supplies that will be needed for the initial efforts. Recycled latex paint and painting materials are available free of charge for graffiti abatement through the City's Paint and Materials Exchange Bank. Call (619) 527-3431 or complete the Adopt-A-Block Agreement form to start the volunteering process.

Get Permission

Please Note: It is important to get permission from the person responsible for the property (including city inventory and public utilities) prior to performing any graffiti abatement. A Consent Form (PDF) should be filled out. The Consent Form should specify you (or your group) as the graffiti abatement volunteer(s) and have the person responsible for the property sign it. You do not need to provide a copy of the Consent Form to the Graffiti Control Program, but it is recommended that you keep the signed original on file.

Abate the graffiti on your adopted property and keep an eye open for re-hits. As an adopting volunteer, you are making a commitment to remove graffiti as soon as possible (preferably within 48 hours). Early morning is usually the best time to paint out. Adopt-A-Block are available to help you maintain a record of your efforts. Worklogs are available at the Graffiti Control Program Office, located at 1970 B Street, Suite B, San Diego, CA 92101. You do not need to submit the worklog to the Graffiti Control Program, but please keep it on file. The program must be able to verify that the supplies provided through the exchange bank are used only for graffiti abatement; worklogs are the documentation of your paint and materials usage.

If you organize a group to "Adopt-A-Block," the Graffiti Control Program encourages you to celebrate your contribution to the community. Organize work parties and recognize special achievements within your group. Contact the Graffiti Control Program staff for ideas and assistance with promotional rewards, etc. On behalf of the City of San Diego, "Thank you very much!"