Current Credit Ratings

Investors must read the relevant official statement and/or continuing disclosure annual report in their entirety to obtain information essential to making an informed investment decision. The information presented on this page is subject to change without notice. While this information has been obtained from sources believed to be reliable, the City offers no assurance that such information is current, does not guarantee the accuracy of this information, and is under no obligation to update any of it.

The Rating Agency Report Releases were prepared by the respective rating agencies. They are provided solely for the convenience of investors, and the City of San Diego disclaims any responsibility for the contents of the reports. An explanation of the significance of the respective ratings may be obtained from the corresponding rating agencies.

Click on the rating in the table to view the Rating Agency Report Releases prepared by the respective rating agencies. Initial Rating Reports for specific bond issuances are available on the Official Statements Archive. Current ratings for specific transactions are available by accessing individual bonds through the Types of Bonds page

City of San Diego

Rating AgencyRatingOutlookRating Date
Fitch (Implied GO Rating) AA- (PDF)StableMarch 2015
Moody's (Issuer Rating)Aa2 (PDF)StableNovember 2014
S & P (Issuer Credit Rating) AA (PDF)StableMarch 2015

Lease Revenue Bonds

Rating AgencyRatingOutlookRating Date
Fitch A+ (PDF)StableMarch 2015
Moody'sA1 (PDF)StableNovember 2014
S & P AA- (PDF)StableMarch 2015

Sewer Revenue Bonds

Rating AgencyRatingOutlookRating Date
FitchAA (PDF)StableAugust 2015
Moody'sAa3 (PDF)PositiveAugust 2015
S & PAA (PDF)StableAugust 2015

Water Revenue Bonds - Senior

Rating AgencyRatingOutlookRating Date
FitchAA (PDF)StableMarch 2014
Moody'sAa2 (PDF)StableAugust 2015
S & PAA– (PDF)StableSept 2013

Water Revenue Bonds - Subordinate

Rating AgencyRatingOutlookRating Date
FitchAA– (PDF)StableMarch 2014
Moody'sAa3 (PDF)StableAugust 2015

Tobacco Settlement Asset Backed Bonds

Rating AgencyRatingOutlookRating Date
FitchBBB+ (PDF) NegativeAugust 2013
Moody'sBaa1 (PDF)StableFeb 2014

Community Facilities District No. 1

Rating AgencyRatingOutlookRating Date
S&PA (PDF) StableMay 2012

Community Facilities District No. 2 Improvement Area No. 1

Rating AgencyRatingOutlookRating Date
S&PBBB+ (PDF) StableApril 2015

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