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Multi-Purpose Emergency Response Vehicle

Photo of Multi-Purpose Emergency Response Vehicle

This vehicle, known as Rescue 26, responds to all major emergencies in which lifeguards are involved. Lifeguards must possess a commercial drivers license in order to operate it. Although its most visible feature is a boom that is capable of lowering a rescuer over a cliff and retrieving a victim, its most important function is to transport adequate personnel and equipment to the scene of any emergency. For instance, when a swimmer is lost in the surf line, San Diego Lifeguards declare a "Code X". This designator signifies that a person has submerged and there is still a chance of saving their life. A number of protocols take effect including the dispatching of Rescue 26. The reason this is important is because this vehicle carries with it six sets of scuba gear and other assorted underwater search paraphernalia. Another example would be during the winter season when seasonal rivers can flood the county. Rescue 26 can respond and not only negotiate high water but also provide river rescue equipment to augment that carried by the River Rescue Team.


  • Vehicle Manufacturer: International Harvester
  • Crane Manufacturer: Maintainer
  • Gross Vehicle Weight: 29, 100 lbs.
  • Crane Extension: Rear - 28 feet, Side - 24 feet, Front - 14 feet
  • Load Limit - 600 lbs.
  • Crane Rotation: 300 Degrees
  • Other Features: Front Bumper Winch, Four Wheel Drive, Remote Control Operated Boom Mounted Flood Lights
  • Equipment Carried: Water Rescue Equipment, Underwater Search and Rescue Equipment, Cliff Rescue Equipment, Swiftwater Rescue Equipment, Ferno-Washington Carrier (stretcher), Billy Pugh Net