Bayside Conference Center
April 12, 2000
9:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.

Committee Members Mayor's Staff City Staff McMillin Staff
Diana Alexander Kirk O'Brien Jon Myers June Dudas Megan Conley
Abigail Barrow Gil Ontai Mike Elling Kathi Riser
Rich Brasher Dave Potter Marcela Escobar-Eck Steve Silverman
Carolyn Chase Wayne Raffesberger PJ FitzGerald
James Madsen Mike Stevens Maureen Ostrye
Ron Mancil Celeste Weinsheim


  • 9:00 Call to Order (Wayne Raffesberger, Vice Chair)

  • Introductions
    Kirk O'Brien replaces Stan Miller representing the Peninsula Planning Committee

  • Current Status/Updates (Marcela Escobar-Eck, NTC Reuse Project Director)

    • Civic, Art & Culture - Founding Board of Directors announced 4/5/00 The purpose of this board is to put together an implementation plan and hire an executive director to manage the day to day operations.

    • Disposition and Development Agreement (DDA) - update The target date for the DDA to be presented at City Council is early June. The target date for the Conveyance of the property to be presented at City Council is May 16, 2000. The Port of San Diego conveyance is estimated for early or mid-May. The public benefit conveyance (PBC) for the Metropolitan Wastewater Lab has been approved.

    • Discussion of process/forum for Board to provide comments to the City After today's presentation of the Precise Plan, next month's meeting will allow discussion of the committee's specific comments and questions. The goal is to ensure the Precise Plan is consistent with the Reuse Plan.

  • Park Planning Update (Celeste Weinsheim, Chair, NTC - Park Planning Subcommittee)

    • Park Planning Subcommittee formed and schedule establishedCeleste Weinsheim outlined the agendas for the Park Planning Subcommittee meetings on Wednesday, April 12, 4:00-5:30 p.m. and Wednesday, April 26, 4:30-6:00 p.m. Agendas are available for anyone interested. Marcela mentioned that information for the Park Planning Subcommittee is now on the NTC website.

  • Precise Plan Overview (Stephen Silverman, Rick Planning Group)

    • Precise Plan overview/relationship with project entitlements Steve Silverman defined the Precise Plan, presented an overview of the Plan, the planning process, and the entitlement process. Discussion included the golf course zoning and potential of conditional use permits, the Precise Plan's objectives, and avigation easements. Information regarding the airport avigation easements will be presented at the May meeting.

  • Metropolitan Wastewater Dept. Lab Project Overview (Mike Elling, Project Officer)

    • Architectural Design Concept

      Mike Elling reviewed the purpose of the lab, its location, size, cost, and schedule. He introduced Glen Berry, project manager, with Hellmuth, Obata, & Kassabaum (HOK) Architects who discussed the design, layout, and purpose of the lab using a model. Educational tours of the lab will be available to interested groups. Discussion included the proposed building height (Prop. "D"), orientation of the building and its view from other buildings, and the time constraints placed on the project by being subject to public benefit conveyance requirements. Kirk O'Brien stated that the Peninsula Community Planning Group has expressed concerns about buildings which are over the 30 foot Prop. "D" height limit.

    • Public Art Component

      An artist has been chosen for the public art component.

  • Review Calendar (PJ FitzGerald)

    • Information Requests from the Board

      - Status of the Public Safety Training Institute (PSTI)
      Marcela advised the Board that the PSTI is currently forming a Joint Powers Authority (JPA) and that their project is in the very early planning stages. The Precise Plan will identify policy for the PSTI but the PSTI will need to process permits at a future time with the State Coastal Commission once their development plan has been prepared.

      - City's post conveyance security plans?
      Marcela advised the Board that a security plan is being prepared in coordination with the Real Estate Assets Department to address post conveyance security at the base.

      - Role of the IAC/formation of an over-site committee after the NTC Redevelopment project is approved by City Council?
      Marcela advised the Board that the IAC will adjourn once the project has been approved at City Council, and that there are no plans currently to form an over-site committee for the construction phase of the project. The Peninsula Community Planning Group would serve as the community oversight board.

      - Presentation by the Navy regarding their housing development program?
      Marcela advised the Board that the Navy is currently going through the developer selection process and that a City staff person is assigned to assist them with architectural/planning evaluation of the proposals. When selection is finalized we will request that they present their development plans to the Board.

      - Status of the lease tern nesting area?
      The lease tern nesting area which was located on property to be conveyed to the Port has already been relocated off-site in accordance with the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service requirements.

      - Request to include the City Attorney's position on Prop. "D" along with the agenda and minutes for the next meeting.
      Marcela advised the Board that the City Attorney's legal opinion will be available for the next meeting.

    PJ FitzGerald proposed a schedule of future topics to be presented to the Board:

    • Historic District Overview - May
      Presentation by Wayne Donaldson, Architect

    • Civic, Arts & Culture Overview - May
      Presentation by Marc Kasky, Director for Institutional Advancement,
      Fort Mason Center

    • Urban Design Guidelines - June

    • Environmental Review - July

    • NTC IAC Formal recommendation - August
      Goal is to present to City Council and Planning Commission the recommendation from the Committee regarding the NTC Redevelopment project's consistency with the adopted NTC Reuse Plan.

    The next meeting will be Wednesday, May 10, 2000, 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

  • Public Comment

    1. Irene Patton, letter read by Wayne Raffesberger, remembering the value of the arts.

  • 11:30Conclude