Bayside Conference Center
May 10, 2000
9:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.

Committee Members Mayor's Staff City Staff McMillin Staff
Diana Alexander Dave Potter Jon Myers June Dudas Megan Conley
Neil Arthur Wayne Raffesberger Marcela Escobar-Eck Kim Elliott
Greg Finley Celeste Weinsheim PJ FitzGerald Walter Heiberg
Kirk O'Brien Alan Ziter Maureen Ostrye Kathi Riser


  • 9:00 Call to Order (Neil Arthur, Chair)

  • Current Status/Updates (Marcela Escobar-Eck, NTC Reuse Project Director)
    • Conveyance of Property - status
    • Disposition and Development Agreement - update
    • Avigation & Runway Protection Zone Easements - status
    • Post conveyance security plans - update
    • Navy Housing Program (PJ FitzGerald, NTC Development Project Manager)
    • Update: Demolition is in progress and on schedule, and should be completed in July. The Navy is currently in the proposal evaluation process and will work with one developer for exclusive negotiations by this summer. The award date to the selected developer is scheduled for March 1, 2001, and the construction ground breaking is targeted for May 1, 2001.
  • Park Planning Update (Celeste Weinsheim, Chair - NTC Park Subcommittee)

    Celeste Weinsheim gave an update of Park Planning Subcommittee. The board consensus is that 10 acres of active and 30 acres of passive is the basis of acreage for the development of the park. The 10-acre active park should be used primarily to meet community deficiencies within the Peninsula Community. The Subcommittee has requested information regarding the specific types of park deficiencies known within the Peninsula Community Planning area.

  • Historic District Overview (M. Wayne Donaldson, FAIA)

    Wayne Donaldson presented an overview of the Historic District. This included the history of how NTC was planned and established, the phasing of construction over the years and the future plans for the Historic District. On May 21, NTC will be established as a National Register District.

  • Civic, Arts and Culture Center Overview (Marc Kasky)

    Marc Kasky presented an overview of the Civic, Arts and Culture Center. Marc's role is to assist the Foundation in the start-up phase of the Civic, Arts and Culture Center. The Board of Directors will have their first meeting this month. Their responsibilities will include making sure future use of the space will meet the Reuse Plan, that the business plan will demonstrate how the Reuse Plan can be accomplished, how the plan relates to the community plan, and the hiring of an Executive Director in the Fall of 2000. Discussion included the process of selecting tenants for the Civic, Arts and Culture Center, Fort Mason's budget as an example for NTC, and the future leasing of buildings.

  • Proposition "D" Information (Marcela Escobar-Eck)

    A memo explaining the City Attorney's opinion was mailed to all members prior to the meeting. A request was made for Rick Duvernay to attend the June IAC meeting to answer questions. Discussion of how this will affect NTC and other areas of the City with similar legal circumstances.

  • Board Comment

    Future agenda items: Information on the status of Historical Resources Board review, Redevelopment Area tax increment financing relative to NTC and the concept of the live/work spaces planned for NTC. A concern was expressed about the trash along Rosecrans fronting the City and Navy portions of the Base. It was suggested that Americorp or the Urban Corp may be able to assist in the clean-up. On May 24, the Point Loma Association Annual Dinner will host Corky McMillin and Marc Kasky as featured speakers. A request made for staff to call committee members to remind them of each meeting. Any persons interested in leasing space within the Civic, Arts and Culture Center should forward letters of interest to the Foundation.

  • Public Comment

    1. Linda Sheridan, representing San Diego Cultural Arts Alliance - Concerns are the historic core, open spaces within the Reuse Plan are now shown as parking spaces, parking, and the Foundation's intent to not use federal funds may make rents less affordable.

    2. Irene Patton, Concerns are the plans for the live-work spaces at NTC.

    3. Pat Goddard, representing the Maritime Heritage and Cultural Center, - Concerns are the areas outside the Historic Core by the channel where there is parking shown - this may take away opportunities for maritime museum spaces.

    4. Virginia Silverman, Concern is the Civic, Arts and Culture Center Foundation Board's meetings are planned to be private - she feels that they should be open to the public.

  • 12:00 Conclude