Building 23, Caretaker's Office
July 12, 2000
9:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.

Committee Members Mayor's Staff City Staff McMillin Staff
Diana Alexander Dave Potter Jon Myers Cindy Benitez-Kodama Megan Conley
Neil Arthur Dale Pursel   June Dudas Kathi Riser
Abigail Barrow Wayne Raffesberger   Marcela Escobar-Eck  
Jose Mireles Mike Stevens   PJ FitzGerald  
Job Nelson Celeste Weinsheim   Maureen Ostrye  
Kirk O'Brien Alan Ziter      


  • 9:00 Call to Order (Neil Arthur, Chair)

  • Current Status/Updates (Marcela Escobar-Eck, NTC Reuse Director)

    • D Disposition and Development Agreement - approved by Council 6/26/00
      City Council requested a process be developed for consideration and evaluation of possible other buildings and users for the educational core. This process will be brought to City Council within the next few months. Currently, San Diego Community College District is not identified as the main user.

    • General
      Review of the entitlement process. The Mitigated Negative Declaration should be completed in the next two weeks and will then be distributed for public review. There will be a Planning Commission Workshop on July 20 in the Council Chambers. The target date for the Planning Commission hearing is September 14.

  • Park Planning Update (Celeste Weinsheim, Chair - NTC Park Subcommittee)

    Celeste Weinsheim gave an update of the Park Subcommittee. The parking lot may contain 300 spaces. The boat channel may require 5 mph, no-wake area for small craft. This would comply with current standards. The committee is in favor of a 25-meter community pool plus a separate children's pool and water play area. Discussion of benefits between a 25-meter and 50-meter pool. The next meeting will include the City's policy on memorials and an off-leash dog area.

  • Transportation (Dave Sorenson, Kimley-Horn & Assoc. Engineering)

    Dave Sorenson gave presentation and reviewed traffic plans. McMillin to improve access points to NTC. During Navy's use of NTC, typical operation generated 45,000 trips. Once NTC is completed, a total of 60,000 trips will be generated. Discussion of position of traffic lights, widening of Rosecrans, DIF fees, tax increment financing, and Gate 1. The committee approved (10-2-1) the following motion: Recommend to the Planning Commission and City Council that the findings be made at earliest convenience that potentially enable the TIF to address or mitigate traffic improvements outside the boundaries. Request for City to bring a list of the TIF users.

  • Live-Work Opportunities at NTC (McMillin Co.)

    Kathi Riser, McMillin Companies, reviewed handout and the permit process for live/work lofts. Discussion of live/work lofts and how they relate to the Reuse Plan. Safety and noise issues discussed. The committee approved (12-1-0) the following motion: Recommend to the Planning Commission and City Council that the live/work lofts be deleted from the plan.

  • Board Comment

    Notification discussed. The length of this board will be until approximately October and will reconvene in February or March if the State Coastal Commission recommends any changes to the Precise Plan. Greg Stein introduced from Brain Bilbray's office. The docket for the next meeting will include the City's policy for special events relative to NTC.

  • Public Comment

    1. Andre Bordes, representing San Diego International School-Currently occupies building 83; gave background of school, purpose, credentials, and interest in future at NTC.

    2. Dr. David Chigos, representing concerned citizens-He was part of the committee to choose the San Diego base to close down and Great Lakes to stay open. Concerns include changing the "island" concept to "ordinary streets." There will be nothing special about NTC if the project continues to go as planned. Hotels are not what the voters wanted.

    3. Scott Anders, representing San Diego Regional Energy Office-He introduced his company to the committee and the city. Both the San Diego Regional Energy Office and SDG&E would like to help in any way they can.

    4. Virginia Silverman, representing self-She is a Point Loma resident and traffic is her main concern. She used Harbor Drive as an example. She requested that the traffic issues be brought to the City Council's attention.

    Marcela Escobar-Eck introduced Cindy Benitez-Kodama for questions regarding the event the previous weekend.

  • 12:00 Conclude