Building 23, Caretaker's Office
August 09, 2000
9:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.

Committee Members City Staff McMillin Staff
Diana Alexander José Mireles June Dudas Megan Conley
Neil Arthur Job Nelson Marcela Escobar-Eck Kim Elliott
Abigail Barrow Gil Ontai   Kathi Riser
Greg Finley Dave Potter    
Gil Johnson Wayne Raffesberger    
Bob Kelly Celeste Weinsheim    
Ron Mancil      


  • 9:00 Call to Order (Neil Arthur, Chair)

    • Approval of Board Minutes from the July 12 meeting
      Postponed to next meeting

  • City Special Events at NTC (Carolyn Wormser, Director of Special Events)
    Postponed to next meeting.

  • Current Status/Updates (Marcela Escobar-Eck, NTC Reuse Director)

    • General

      NTC will be at Historic Resources Board on August 24. There concerns include: 1) treatment of grinders - pavement or trees; 2) widening of Rosecrans and loss of Black Acacia trees. The subcommittee voted favor of the plan but requested more information about Preble Field. The members of the Citizen's Implementation Advisory Committee will be asked for a formal recommendation on this and other issues at the September meeting. The committee requested a synopsis of the Precise Plan. The Planning Commission Hearing for NTC has been rescheduled from September 14 to September 28. October 18 is a tentative date for NTC at City Council.

      Marcela distributed Metro Wastewater Department lab visual analysis. Discussion of co-generation plant and the use of steam. The lab will not use steam due to cost.

    • Tax increment financing

  • Park Planning Update (Celeste Weinsheim, Chair - NTC Park Subcommittee)

    The committee is in the last stages and will bring a recommendation to the Citizen's Implementation Advisory Committee at the September meeting.

  • Proposed Golf Course Improvements (McMillin Companies)

    • Overview of the modifications proposed to the existing golf course including the addition of a driving range.

    Kathy Riser, McMillin Companies explained the need for golf course improvements and introduced Steve Halsey, with Halsey-Daray Golf. Steve gave a presentation on the golf course. The lessee will operate the golf course and set green fees. Discussion of a lighted course in the future, length between holes, green fees, the look of the driving range, fencing, and the projected timeline.

  • Transportation Design (McMillin Companies)

    • Review of the transportation and landscaping plans for project frontage along Rosecrans.

      Kathy Riser with McMillin Companies reviewed the transportation and landscaping plans for project frontage along Rosecrans. Discussion of Cal-Trans and City standards for trees next to the road and other improvements. A foot of existing NTC will be used for landscaping and the widening of Rosecrans by one lane northbound. At the next Peninsula Community Planning Board meeting, there will be a presentation on the parking structure and retaining wall height. The widening of Rosecrans was certified in 1998 by the City of San Diego. The EIR was certified with the condition that Cal Trans would turn over ownership of Rosecrans to the City of San Diego. This is currently in process. Discussion of traffic trips and the concern of traffic going south bound. Discussion of TIF; the . City Council will weigh and prioritize TIF uses and will refer to the uses identified in the Redevelopment Plan (i.e. water quality issues, shoreline improvements, esplanade). Discussion included public comment.

  • Request for Implementation Advisory Committee recommendation on entitlement document at the September IAC meeting (Marcela Escobar-Eck)

  • Board Comment

    Discussion of the topics the board will recommend on in September and the purpose of the committee. Possible meeting date change in September from 9/13 to 9/20.

  • Public Comment

    1. Mr. Clark, Concerned with traffic and speed on Rosecrans, traffic from the airport, and signals within NTC.

    2. Virginia Silverman, Questions on Rosecrans Street, parking garage height, and median.

  • 12:00 Conclude