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Civic Dance Arts Program

Dance Class Schedule

Summer 2015 Semester classes are listed below along with their activity codes needed for registration. Summer classes will not be visible until May 22, 2015 on SDRecConnect. After that time, you can click on the activity codes below to connect you to the class on the SDRecConnect site. You can save the classes you are interested in on your wish list until registration day.

Saturday, June 20, 2015 at 10:00 a.m. - Registration begins for all Civic Dance Arts classes.

For Semesters, Pricing and more detailed information, see the Overview Page.

For addresses and directions to class locations listed below, click here.

Civic Dance Arts Program Office: (619) 235-5255

Register Online!

Visit SDRecConnect (link) to conveniently browse a variety of activities offered by the City of San Diego Park and Recreation Department and Recreation Councils. Itís as easy as One, Two, and Three. Sign up for an account, find a class or activity, and register!

If you are registering a child for an activity, please do not use the childís information when completing a New Account. Adding family members after successfully creating an account can be completed later.

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Current Special Events and Activities

Fun for one, Fun for all! Check out your local Recreation Center's Program guide for more details.

Movies in the Park

Enjoy Movies in the Park at select locations. Visit the Movies in the Park list (link) for more details!

Movies In the Park

Parks Fit

The Parks Fit San Diego Challenge is to walk or run 30 miles between June 20th and August 20th. Track your mileage and receive a free "I got fit in my park" t-shirt if you complete the 30 miles by the August 20th deadline. Then compete in the finale at NTC/Liberty station park Saturday, August 22, 2015.



The BookNook program is a "take a book, leave a book" gathering place where you can share your favorite literature and stories.


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Class TitleClass Code  Class Day Instructor TimeLocation     
Pre Tap14082SaturdayTiffany Goff9:30am to 10:15amAllied Gardens
Beg Tap 1A14085SaturdayTiffany Goff10:15am to 11:00amAllied Gardens
Beg Jazz 1A14086SaturdayTiffany Goff11:00am to 11:45amAllied Gardens
Pre Ballet14088SaturdayTiffany Goff11:45am to 12:30pmAllied Gardens
Int Tap 3A12880MondayRachel Mitchell4:30pm to 5:15pmCanyonside
Int Jazz 3A12877MondayRachel Mitchell5:15pm to 6:00pmCanyonside
Adv Int Tap 4A12838MondayRachel Mitchell6:00pm to 6:45pmCanyonside
Adv Int Jazz 4A12827MondayRachel Mitchell6:45pm to 7:45pmCanyonside
Pre Tap (4-5 yrs)12856FridayRachel Mitchell4:15pm to 5:00pmCanyonside
Beg Tap 1A12872FridayRachel Mitchell5:00pm to 5:45pmCanyonside
Beg Jazz 1A12859FridayRachel Mitchell5:45pm to 6:30pmCanyonside
Adult Beg Ballet 1A12823MondayTheresa Landry5:30pm to 7:00pmCasa del Prado
Adv Int Ballet 4A12825MondayVincent Padilla6:00pm to 7:30pmCasa del Prado
Adult Int Ballet 3A12849MondayTheresa Landry7:00pm to 8:30pmCasa del Prado
Tap Rudiments 3B12832MondayVincent Padilla7:30pm to 8:30pmCasa del Prado
Adult Beg Tap 1A13485TuesdayLeslie Padilla9:00am to 9:45amCasa del Prado
Adult Beg Jazz 1B13496TuesdayLeslie Padilla9:45am to 10:45amCasa del Prado
Adult Adv Beg Tap 2A13498TuesdayLeslie Padilla10:45am to 11:30amCasa del Prado
Company15052TuesdayRachel Mitchell4:45pm to 8:30pmCasa del Prado
Adult Hawaiian12866ThursdayAva Bishop9:00am to 9:45amCasa del Prado
Adult Adv Beg Tap 2A12822ThursdayAva Bishop9:45am to 10:30amCasa del Prado
Adult Int Tap 3A12913ThursdayAva Bishop10:30am to 11:15amCasa del Prado
Adult Int Jazz 3A12888ThursdayAva Bishop11:15am to noonCasa del Prado
Adult Beg Jazz 1A14231ThursdayLeslie Padilla5:45pm to 6:30pmCasa del Prado
Adult Beg Tap 1A12828ThursdayTheresa Landry6:30pm to 7:15pmCasa del Prado
Adult Adv Beg Tap 2B14229ThursdayLeslie Padilla6:30pm to 7:15pmCasa del Prado
Adult Int Jazz 3B14141ThursdayTheresa Landry7:15pm to 8:00pmCasa del Prado
Adult Adv Beg Jazz 2B14230ThursdayLeslie Padilla7:15pm to 8:00pmCasa del Prado
Adult Int Tap 3B14142ThursdayTheresa Landry8:00pm to 8:45pmCasa del Prado
Young Adult Ensemble12893ThursdayRachel Mitchell8:00pm to 9:45pmCasa del Prado
Irish12905FridayShannon Mulderig4:15pm to 5:00pmCasa del Prado
Beg Hip Hop 1A12873FridayShannon Mulderig5:00pm to 6:00pmCasa del Prado
Adv Beg Hip Hop 2A12879FridayShannon Mulderig6:00pm to 7:00pmCasa del Prado
Parent Child Beg Hip Hop 1A12898FridayShannon Mulderig7:00pm to 7:45pmCasa del Prado
Int Ballet 3A12897SundayTheresa Landry9:00am to 10:30amCasa del Prado
Boys Ballet & Mus Theatre 1B12858SundayVincent Padilla9:00am to 10:30amCasa del Prado
Adv Beg Ballet 2A12881SundayTheresa Landry10:30am to 12:00pmCasa del Prado
Pre Ballet12851TuesdayRitchie Valenzuela3:15pm to 4:00pmCity Heights
Adv Beg Tap 2A14097TuesdayCaitlin Thomas4:00pm to 4:45pmCity Heights
Beg Tap 1A14143TuesdayRitchie Valenzuela4:00pm to 4:45pmCity Heights
Beg Jazz 1A15040TuesdayCaitlin Thomas4:45pm to 5:30pmCity Heights
Adv Beg Jazz 2A14144TuesdayRitchie Valenzuela4:45pm to 5:30pmCity Heights
Beg Ballet 1A15043TuesdayCaitlin Thomas5:30pm to 6:15pmCity Heights
Pre Tap12876TuesdayRitchie Valenzuela5:30pm to 6:15pmCity Heights
Beg Ballet 1B15045TuesdayCaitlin Thomas6:15pm to 7:00pmCity Heights
Pre Ballet12912ThursdayTiffany Goff3:30pm to 4:15pmHilltop
Pre Tap12820ThursdayElizabeth Myrick3:30pm to 4:15pmHilltop
Beg Tap 1A12920ThursdayTiffany Goff4:15pm to 5:00pmHilltop
Adv Beg Tap 2A12840ThursdayElizabeth Myrick4:15pm to 5:00pmHilltop
Beg Jazz 1A13451ThursdayTiffany Goff5:00pm to 5:45pmHilltop
Beg Jazz 1B12878ThursdayElizabeth Myrick5:00pm to 5:45pmHilltop
Adv Beg Ballet 2A13480ThursdayTiffany Goff5:45pm to 6:60pmHilltop
Beg Ballet 1A12906ThursdayElizabeth Myrick5:45pm to 6:30pmHilltop
Beg Hip Hop 1A13484ThursdayTiffany Goff6:30pm to 7:15pmHilltop
Beg Hip Hop 1B12925ThursdayElizabeth Myrick6:30pm to 7:15pmHilltop
Int Ballet 3A14999WednesdayRachel Mitchell4:15pm to 5:15pmHourglass
Adv Beg Tap 2A14994WednesdayRachel Mitchell5:15pm to 6:00pmHourglass
Adv Beg Jazz 2A12926WednesdayRachel Mitchell6:00pm to 6:45pmHourglass
Adv Int Ballet 4A12914WednesdayRachel Mitchell6:45pm to 8:15pmHourglass
Pre Tap12908WednesdayKathy Landry3:00pm to 3:45pmKearny Mesa
Beg Tap 1B14090WednesdayKathy Landry3:45pm to 4:30pmKearny Mesa
Beg Jazz 1B14087WednesdayKathy Landry4:30pm to 5:15pmKearny Mesa
Jazz Tech 114091WednesdayKathy Landry5:15pm to 6:00pmKearny Mesa
Int Jazz 3B14083WednesdayKathy Landry6:00pm to 6:45pmKearny Mesa
Jazz Tech 314092WednesdayKathy Landry6:45pm to 7:30pmKearny Mesa
Int Tap 3B14084WednesdayKathy Landry7:30pm to 8:00pmKearny Mesa
Pre Tap12836MondayKathy Landry4:30pm to 5:15pmMontgomery Waller
Beg Tap 1A12845MondayKathy Landry5:15pm to 6:00pmMontgomery Waller
Beg Jazz 1A12829MondayKathy Landry6:00pm to 6:45pmMontgomery Waller
Jazz Tech 112871MondayKathy Landry6:45pm to 7:30pmMontgomery Waller
Pre Ballet12863WednesdayRitchie Valenzuela2:00pm to 2:45pmOcean Air
Beg Tap 1A14145WednesdayRitchie Valenzuela2:45pm to 3:30pmOcean Air
Beg Jazz 1A12904WednesdayRitchie Valenzuela3:30pm to 4:15pmOcean Air
Adv Beg Tap 2A14146WednesdayRitchie Valenzuela4:15pm to 5:00pmOcean Air
Adv Beg Jazz 2A14147WednesdayRitchie Valenzuela5:00pm to 5:45pmOcean Air
Pre Tap15376TuesdayTheresa Landry3:45pm to 4:30pmPacific Beach
Beg Tap 1A15373TuesdayTheresa Landry4:30pm to 5:15pmPacific Beach
Beg Jazz 1A15374TuesdayTheresa Landry5:15pm to 6:00pmPacific Beach
Hip Hop 1A15375TuesdayTheresa Landry6:00pm to 6:45pmPacific Beach
Pre Tap14779FridayRitchie Valenzuela4:00pm to 4:45pmParadise Hills
Beg Tap 1A14150FridayKathy Landry4:00pm to 4:45pmParadise Hills
Jazz Tech 214791FridayRitchie Valenzuela4:45pm to 5:30pmParadise Hills
Beg Jazz 1A14149FridayKathy Landry4:45pm to 5:30pmParadise Hills
Beg Jazz 1B14787FridayRitchie Valenzuela5:30pm to 6:15pmParadise Hills
Adv Beg Jazz 2B14151FridayKathy Landry5:30pm to 6:15pmParadise Hills
Beg Tap 1B14783FridayRitchie Valenzuela6:15pm to 7:00pmParadise Hills
Adv Beg Tap 2B14152FridayKathy Landry6:15pm to 7:00pmParadise Hills
Pre Tap12870SaturdayElizabeth Myrick9:15am to 10:00amRancho Bernardo
Beg Ballet 1A14764SaturdayLeslie Padilla9:15am to 10:00amRancho Bernardo
Beg Tap 1A12922SaturdayElizabeth Myrick10:00am to 10:45amRancho Bernardo
Adult Beg Tap 1A14238SaturdayLeslie Padilla10:00am to 10:45amRancho Bernardo
Beg Jazz 1A12882SaturdayElizabeth Myrick10:45am to 11:30amRancho Bernardo
Adult Jazz 1A14737SaturdayLeslie Padilla10:45am to 11:30amRancho Bernardo
Beg Ballet 1B12915SaturdayElizabeth Myrick11:30am to 12:15pmRancho Bernardo
Adult Adv Beg Tap 2B14741SaturdayLeslie Padilla11:30am to 12:15pmRancho Bernardo
Adv Beg Ballet 2A12918SaturdayElizabeth Myrick12:15pm to 1:00pmRancho Bernardo
Adult Adv Beg Jazz 2B14742SaturdayLeslie Padilla12:15pm to 1:00pmRancho Bernardo
Adv Beg Tap 2A12852SaturdayElizabeth Myrick1:00pm to 1:45pmRancho Bernardo
Adv Beg Tap 2B14746SaturdayLeslie Padilla1:00pm to 1:45pmRancho Bernardo
Adv Beg Jazz 2B12892SaturdayElizabeth Myrick1:45pm to 2:30pmRancho Bernardo
Adv Beg Jazz 2A14757SaturdayLeslie Padilla1:45pm to 2:30pmRancho Bernardo
Pre Tap15049WednesdayCaitlin Thomas3:00pm to 3:45pmSan Carlos
Beg Jazz 2A12875WednesdayTiffany Goff3:45pm to 4:30pmSan Carlos
Beg Tap 1A15050WednesdayCaitlin Thomas3:45pm to 4:30pmSan Carlos
Beg Jazz 1A12891WednesdayTiffany Goff4:30pm to 5:15pmSan Carlos
Adv Beg Tap 2A15051WednesdayCaitlin Thomas4:30pm to 5:15pmSan Carlos
Beg Hip Hop 1A12901WednesdayTiffany Goff5:15pm to 6:00pmSan Carlos
Beg Ballet 1A15053WednesdayCaitlin Thomas5:15pm to 6:00pmSan Carlos
Adv Beg Tap 2B15209WednesdayCaitlin Thomas6:00pm to 6:45pmSan Carlos
Pre Tap13487ThursdaySheryl Easter2:45pm to 3:30pmScripps Ranch
Beg Tap 1A13489ThursdaySheryl Easter3:30pm to 4:15pmScripps Ranch
Beg Jazz 1A13490ThursdaySheryl Easter4:15pm to 5:00pmScripps Ranch
Beg Ballet 1A13491ThursdaySheryl Easter5:00pm to 5:45pmScripps Ranch
Beg Tap 1B13492ThursdaySheryl Easter5:45pm to 6:30pmScripps Ranch
Beg Jazz 1B13494ThursdaySheryl Easter6:30pm to 7:15pmScripps Ranch
Pre Tap14157WednesdayShawnte Ledgerwood5:15pm to 6:00pmSerra Mesa
Beg Tap 1A14159WednesdayShawnte Ledgerwood6:00pm to 6:45pmSerra Mesa
Beg Jazz 1A14158WednesdayShawnte Ledgerwood6:45pm to 7:15pmSerra Mesa
Adv Beg Tap 2A14155ThursdayShawnte Ledgerwood5:00pm to 5:45pmSerra Mesa
Adv Beg Jazz 2A14153ThursdayShawnte Ledgerwood5:45pm to 6:30pmSerra Mesa
Int Tap 3B14156ThursdayShawnte Ledgerwood6:30pm to 7:15pmSerra Mesa
Int Jazz 3B14154ThursdayShawnte Ledgerwood7:15pm to 8:00pmSerra Mesa
Beg Tap 1A12916TuesdayKathy Landry3:00pm to 3:45pmSouth Clairemont
Beg Jazz 1A14095TuesdayKathy Landry3:45pm to 4:30pmSouth Clairemont
Adv Beg Tap 2A14094TuesdayKathy Landry4:30pm to 5:15pmSouth Clairemont
Adv Beg Jazz 2A14093TuesdayKathy Landry5:15pm to 6:00pmSouth Clairemont
Jazz Tech 214099TuesdayKathy Landry6:00pm to 6:45pmSouth Clairemont
Adv Beg Jazz 2B14096TuesdayKathy Landry6:45pm to 7:30pmSouth Clairemont
Adv Beg Tap 2B14098TuesdayKathy Landry7:30pm to 8:15pmSouth Clairemont
Adv Beg Jazz 2B12930MondayRitchie Valenzuela4:15pm to 5:00pmStandley
Adv Beg Tap 2B14812MondayRitchie Valenzuela5:00pm to 5:45pmStandley
Adult Musical Theatre 2A14810MondayRitchie Valenzuela5:45pm to 6:30pmStandley
Adult Beg Tap 1A12835MondayRitchie Valenzuela6:30pm to 7:15pmStandley
Adult Beg Jazz 1A14802MondayRitchie Valenzuela7:15pm to 8:00pmStandley
Adult Adv Beg Tap 2A14809MondayRitchie Valenzuela8:00pm to 8:45pmStandley
Creative Movement12824TuesdayShannon Mulderig3:00pm to 3:45pmStandley
Pre Tap12839TuesdayShannon Mulderig3:45pm to 4:30pmStandley
Beg Tap 1A12847TuesdayShannon Mulderig4:30pm to 5:15pmStandley
Beg Jazz 1A12857TuesdayShannon Mulderig5:15pm to 6:00pmStandley
Beg Hip Hop 1A12861TuesdayShannon Mulderig6:00pm to 6:45pmStandley
Pre Ballet (3 to 4yrs)12821MondayTiffany Goff3:15pm to 4:00pmTierrasanta
Pre Ballet (5 to 6yrs)12833MondayTiffany Goff4:00pm to 4:45pmTierrasanta
Beg Ballet 1A12855MondayTiffany Goff4:45pm to 5:30pmTierrasanta
Beg Hip Hop 1A12864MondayTiffany Goff5:30pm to 6:15pmTierrasanta
Beg Jazz 1A12854WednesdayDebbie Hardesty4:30pm to 5:15pmTierrasanta
Beg Tap 1A12860WednesdayDebbie Hardesty5:15pm to 6:00pmTierrasanta
Adult Beg Tap 1A12831WednesdayDebbie Hardesty6:30pm to 7:15pmTierrasanta
Adult Adv Beg Tap 2A12837WednesdayDebbie Hardesty7:15pm to 8:00pmTierrasanta
Adult Beg Jazz 1A12826WednesdayDebbie Hardesty8:00pm to 8:45pmTierrasanta
Teen Jazz12867ThursdayDebbie Hardesty4:15pm to 5:00pmTierrasanta
Teen Tap12868ThursdayDebbie Hardesty5:00pm to 5:45pmTierrasanta
Beg Tumbling 1B14162TuesdayShawnte Ledgerwood4:30pm to 5:30pmWar Memorial
Adv Beg Tumbling 2A14160TuesdayShawnte Ledgerwood5:30pm to 6:30pmWar Memorial
Int Tumbling 3A14163TuesdayShawnte Ledgerwood6:30pm to 7:30pmWar Memorial
Adv Int Tumbling 4A14161TuesdayShawnte Ledgerwood7:30pm to 8:30pmWar Memorial
Adv Int Modern 4A15047ThursdayRachel Mitchell5:30pm to 7:00pmWar Memorial
Pre Tap12890SaturdayKathy Landry9:00am to 9:45amWar Memorial
Beg Jazz 1A15041SaturdayRachel Mitchell9:00am to 9:45amWar Memorial
Adult Beg Tap 1A15377SaturdayTheresa Landry9:00am to 9:45amWar Memorial
Beg Tap 1A14110SaturdayKathy Landry9:45am to 10:30amWar Memorial
Beg Jazz 1B15042SaturdayRachel Mitchell9:45am to 10:30amWar Memorial
Adult Beg Jazz 1A12935SaturdayTheresa Landry9:45am to 10:30amWar Memorial
Jazz Tech 114113SaturdayKathy Landry10:30am to 11:15amWar Memorial
Jazz Tech 215044SaturdayRachel Mitchell10:30am to 11:15amWar Memorial
Adult Adv Beg Tap 2A15378SaturdayTheresa Landry10:30am to 11:15amWar Memorial
Beg Tap 1B14111SaturdayKathy Landry11:15am to 12:00pmWar Memorial
Adv Beg Jazz 2B15012SaturdayRachel Mitchell11:15am to 12:00pmWar Memorial
Adult Adv Beg Jazz 2A15379SaturdayTheresa Landry11:15am to 12:00pmWar Memorial
Adv Beg Tap 2A14100SaturdayKathy Landry12:00pm to 12:45pmWar Memorial
Jazz Tech 315046SaturdayRachel Mitchell12:00pm to 12:45pmWar Memorial
Adult Int Tap 3A15380SaturdayTheresa Landry12:00pm to 12:45pmWar Memorial
Adv Int Tap 4 & 514102SaturdayKathy Landry1:00pm to 1:45pmWar Memorial
Int Jazz 3A15026SaturdayRachel Mitchell1:00pm to 1:45pmWar Memorial
Int Tap 3A14101SaturdayKathy Landry1:45pm to 2:30pmWar Memorial
Adv Jazz & Tech 4/515033SaturdayRachel Mitchell1:45pm to 3:15pmWar Memorial
Int Tap 3B14112SaturdayKathy Landry2:30pm to 3:15pmWar Memorial
Adv Int Mus Theater15048SaturdayRachel Mitchell3:15pm to 4:00pmWar Memorial
Adv Int Tumbling 4B14164SaturdayShawnte Ledgerwood4:00pm to 5:00pmWar Memorial
T-Troupe14148SaturdayKathy Landry4:00pm to 6:00pmWar Memorial
Adv Tumbling 5A14165SaturdayShawnte Ledgerwood5:00pm to 6:00pmWar Memorial