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Employment Opportunities

Volunteer Opportunities

Photo of Volunteers on a Bridge

"You are the only person on this earth
who can use your ability."
- Anonymous

There are many volunteer opportunities throughout San Diego's Park and Recreation Department. Every year hundreds of volunteeers from varying age groups and backgrounds, with equally varying abilities and motivations, come to our city's parks, recreation facilities, and offices to help with a number of programs and special events.

Volunteers can perform a variety of duties, including:

Photo of Volunteers Painting a Building
  • Contributing to the beautification of a community, neighborhood, regional or open space park.
  • Helping to restore a native environment, improve wildlife habitat and plant native plant materials.
  • Assisting people with disabilities so they can take part in recreation activities and special events such as wheelchair Over the Line, tennis, dances and camps.
  • Escorting seniors on day trips and serving refreshments at monthly dances.
  • Helping educate the public by leading historical, interpretive, and educational tours of parks and preserves.
  • Assisting in offifces with such tasks as answering phones, arranging files and greeting visitors.
  • Providing access to natural areas so the public can enjoy the parks, preserves and canyons.
  • Improving the life of a child through recreation!

Not only do individuals volunteer, but many groups from companies, offices, schools, and clubs help our community through a wide range of projects.

In addition, a large portion of volunteers are students at high school and college levels seeking to fulfill a community service requirement; Our staff are more than willing to verify your hours. Who knows? Perhaps after your requirements have been met, you'll find you'd like to continue volunteering for your community.

"The ultimate expression of generosity is not in giving of what you have, but in giving of who you are."
- Johnnetta B. Cole