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Balboa Park Facilities

Balboa Park Facilities and Map

For more information about Balboa Park museums, gardens and other attractions, select a facility or location on the map or links below. Sites noted with an asterisk (*) are available for special events. For information about how to obtain a permit, visit the General Park Use Permits and Applications page.

Map of Balboa Park Map of Golden Hills
  1. Balboa Park Club *
  2. Palisades Building
    1. Marie Hitchcock Puppet Theatre
    2. Recital Hall *
    3. Park & Recreation Dept.
  3. San Diego Automotive Museum
  4. San Diego Air & Space (formerly Aerospace) Museum
  5. Starlight Bowl
  6. Municipal Gymnasium
  7. San Diego Hall of Champions
  8. House of Pacific Relations - International Cottages
  9. United Nations Building
  10. Hall of Nations
  11. Spreckels Organ Pavillion *
  12. Japanese Friendship Garden
  13. Community Christmas Tree
  14. Balboa Park Palm Canyon
  15. House of Charm
    1. Mingei Int'l Museum
    2. San Diego Art Institute
  16. Alcazar Garden *
  17. San Diego's Museum of Man (California Tower)
  18. West Gate
  19. Cabrillo Bridge
  20. Lawn Bowling Greens
  21. Sefton Plaza
    1. Founders' Plaza
    2. Kate Sessions Statue
  22. Marston Point *
  23. Historic Fire Alarm Building
  24. Balboa Club
  25. Redwood Bridge Club
  26. Marston House and Garden *
  27. Old Globe Theatre Complex
  28. San Diego Museum of Art
    1. May S. Marcy Sculpture Court and Garden
    2. Waters Café at SMDA
  29. El Cid Statue
  30. Plaza de Panama Fountain
  31. House of Hospitality
    1. Balboa Park Visitor Center
    2. The Prado at Balboa Park
    3. San Diego Police Storefront
  32. Timken Museum of Art
  33. Lily Pond
  34. Botanical Building

* = Site available for Balboa Park special events.

  1. Casa del Prado *
    1. Casa del Prado Patio A
    2. Casa del Prado Patio B
    3. Casa del Prado Theater
  2. Casa de Balboa
    1. Museum of Photographic Arts
    2. Museum of San Diego History
    3. San Diego Model Railroad Museum
    4. Balboa Art Conservation Center
    5. Committee of 100
    6. Cafe in the Park
    7. San Diego Historical Society Research Archives
  3. Zoro Garden *
  4. Reuben H. Fleet Science Center
  5. Plaza de Balboa & Bea Evenson Fountain
  6. San Diego Natural History
  7. Rose Garden *
  8. Desert Garden
  9. Moreton Bay Fig Tree
  10. Photographic Arts Building
  11. Spanish Village Art Center
  12. Balboa Park Carousel
  13. Miniature Railroad Train Ride
  14. San Diego Zoo
  15. War Memorial Building *
  16. Centro Cultural de la Raza
  17. Worldbeat Cultural Center
  18. Balboa Park Activity Center
  19. Veteran's Museum and Memorial Center
  20. San Diego American Indian Cultural Center and Museum
  21. Administration Building Courtyard *
  22. Park Boulevard and President's Way Lawn *
  23. Redwood Circle *
  24. Pine Grove *
  25. Pepper Grove *
  26. Golden Hill *
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