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Southeastern San Diego Community Plan Update

Community Plan Update

Southeastern San Diego

Southeastern San Diego and Encanto Community Plan area

The Southeastern San Diego Community Plan (adopted June 4, 1987) is one of the older plans in San Diego. A comprehensive community plan update will be developed through a collaborative effort between Community Planning Groups, City staff, consulting team, and community stakeholders.

The city recognized and locally elected Community Planning Groups will serve as the backbone for the community outreach effort. There will be regularly scheduled Update Committee meetings located in both the Southeastern San Diego and Encanto Neighborhoods communities. The focus of the meetings will be to gather the community’s initial comments, educate and inform the public on research and data collected, and discuss and incorporate the community’s input into the plan update. All meetings will be open to the public and are meant to be inclusive and transparent.

The City of San Diego is updating the Southeastern San Diego (SESD) Community Plan - one of over 40 such plans in the City—through an in-depth, community-based planning process that will engage the broadest possible range of stakeholders. Part of the Land Use Element of the City’s General Plan, the SESD Community Plan is a long-range, physical development guide that includes tailored policies for implementing the General Plan in the community. The updated SESD Community Plan will convey community goals, objectives and recommendations with an emphasis on sustainable design principles and policies, all of which will be clearly outlined in an illustrative, graphically based, action oriented planning document.

June 2015

The Draft Southeastern San Diego Impact Fee Study (formerly known as Public Facilities Financing Plan) is available for review at:

City staff and the consultant team have reviewed all of the community comments and feedback related to the draft community plan that was distributed to the community in June 2014.  In addition, the consultant team and City mobility staff have completed the mobility study and have incorporated the results into the Mobility Element of the draft Community Plan. The final draft community plan will be used as the basis for the Preferred Plan that will be analyzed as part of the Programmatic Environmental Impact Report. The anticipated release of the PEIR draft for public review is June 2015.

November 2014

The Draft Community Plans were released to the public at a joint community workshop held on June 21, 2014. Over 120 hardcopies, and 200 electronic copies on CD were distributed over the duration of the comment period, which ended on August 21,2014. The Southeastern San Diego Neighborhood Planning Group reviewed the plan and voted to support the draft by a vote of 8/0/1 at their September 29, 2014 meeting. City staff is currently reviewing additional recommendations put forward by the planning group and will report back to the Southeastern San Diego Planning Group at their October meeting.

Please see the matrix (PDF), organized by element of the Plan, for a each stakeholder comments and staff response.

Over the next eight (8) months City staff and the consultant team will be preparing the programmatic environmental impact report as well as the public facilities financing plan. Staff anticipates that the plan updates will be presented to City Council in June 2015.

Draft Community Plan - June 23, 2014
  • Draft Community Plan (PDF)
    Updates to the draft community plan will be uploaded once all of the planning group comments have been addressed.

Updated Draft Land Use and Zoning Maps - October 24, 2014

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