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Commercial/Imperial Corridor Master Plan

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Commercial/Imperial Corridor Master Plan

How will the community find out about the master planning process?

In order to notify surrounding residents, business and property owners and institutional uses of the meetings and planning work being prepared, the City will notice the community by creating a website and email distribution list. The City will also e-mail agendas and meeting summaries as well as all work produced to the CICMP Working Group. All information will be posted to this website.

To be added to the CICMP email distribution list, please send an email to requesting to be added to the list.

Who can be on the Working Group?

The City will form a Working Group, consisting of up to 25 community members representing a balanced coalition of residents, community groups, businesses, and non-profit organizations.

The SESDPG will participate as a committee of the whole. Since all 14 elected members have elected to participate, the balance of the 11 seats shall be divided as follows:

4 seats: Residential property owners or tenants who reside onsite
2 seats: Non-residential property owners
3 seats: Commercial/Industrial business representative or property owners
2 seats: Existing Non-Profit and Community organization representatives

In order to qualify to fill one of the open seats, eligible candidates for the CICMP are required to be 18 years of age and affiliated with any of the above positions. To be considered for the CICMP, please submit a signed stakeholder committee application form (PDF) and proof of eligibility to the City Planning & Community Investment Department. Please click here for the Selection Criteria (PDF). Applications may be mailed to: Attn Karen Bucey, 202 C Street MS 4A, San Diego, CA 92101.

How will community input be solicited?

As part of the master planning process, the City requests that the Southeastern San Diego Planning Group (SESDPG) convene the meetings and workshops on behalf of the community in order to bring together the neighborhoods that are affected by the master planning process. The purpose of the SESDPG Working Group is to provide the City with feedback that is representative of the diverse interests of the community at large. Further, the Working Group will provide a public forum for the community to be able to provide input as part of the master planning process.