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General Planning & Community Plans Documents

Pilot Village Program

Contact the Planning Department at (619) 235-5200 for a copy of the document and pricing information.

Document PDF File Size Year
General Plan Monitoring Report    
General Plan Monitoring Report 2.8Mb 2000
Land Use Element    
Manager's Report No: 03-206 178K N/A
Public Facilities Element    
Facilities Financing study prepared for the Strategic Framework Citizen Committee 1.5Mb 2002
Recreation Element    
Existing Recreation Element 228K N/A
Recreation Public Forum    
San Diego’s Great Balancing Act: Exploring creative recreation choices for the future 145K 2004
Pilot Villages – Mi Pueblo    
Site Description 53K 2004
Site plans, select concept drawings and elevations 1Mb N/A
pilot Villages – MCTIP    
Site Description 53K 2004
Site plans, select concept drawings and elevations 1.6Mb N/A
Pilot Villages – North Park    
Site Description 51K 2004
Site plans, select concept drawings and elevations 1.7Mb N/A
Pilot Villages – The Paseo    
Site Description 51K 2004
Vicinity Map 88K N/A
Site Map 1 1.1Mb N/A
Site Map 2 1.9Mb N/A
Concept Drawing 1 2.2Mb N/A
Concept Drawing 2 2.2Mb N/A
Pilot Villages – Village Center    
Site Description 65K 2004
Site plans, select concept drawings and elevations 1Mb N/A
11/17/03 Pilot Village Incentive Program Adopted by City Council 129K 2003
9/10/03 Planning Dept. Report. P-03-260 to the Planning Commission 123K 2003
5/14/03 Manager’s Report No. 03-019 to Land Use and Housing Committee 85K 2003
Pilot Village Selection Process    
City Manager’s February 4, 2004 Report to City Council on Pilot Village Selection Report No. 04-027 57K 2004
City Manager’s Recommendations to Planning Commission report no. PC-04-010 1.2Mb 2004
Timeline for Selection Process 49K N/A
Phase I Shortlist Applicant Project Submissions 851K 2003
Pilot Village Submittal Application 1.3Mb 2002
Pilot Villages Press Releases    
2/12/04 Five Pilot Villages Receive Prestigious Pilot Villages Designation! 144K 2004
1/16/03 Mayor’s Press Release on City Manager’s Recommendations 147K 2004
05/21/03 Mayor’s Press Release on the Pilot Village Shortlist 162K 2003
3/20/03 Pilot Village Applications Received 143K 2003
Helpful Links    
Quality of Life Survey 26K N/A
City Council-approved Sustainable Indicators 139K 2002