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2009 News Releases

12/30/09 Scam - Internet Car Sales (PDF)
12/21/09 Mid City / STAR/PAL Toy Giveaway (PDF)
12/18/09 Metropolitan Tourist Police Event (PDF)
12/17/09 Central Division Annual Toy Giveaway (PDF)
12/17/09 Special DUI Holiday Enforcement (PDF)
12/14/09 DUI Checkpoint 12-11-09 (PDF)
12/10/09 DA Letter Re Fatal Shooting (Mr. Gregory Michael Beaudet) (PDF)
12/10/09 Holiday DUI Enforcement (PDF)
12/10/09 School Safety Patrol Event (PDF)
12/10/09 Property Auction Dec 12 (PDF)
12/8/09 Tijuana River Valley (PDF)
12/3/09 Shop With a Cop 2009 (PDF)
12/3/09 DA Letter Re Fatal Shooting (Mr. Phillip James Sewer) (PDF)
12/3/09 DA Letter Re Fatal Shooting (Mr. Lonnie Ray Glasco) (PDF)
12/3/09 December Nights Traffic Advisory (PDF)
11/25/09 DUI Holiday Enforcement (PDF)
11/20/09 DA Letter Re Fatal Shooting (PDF)
11/19/09 Scam Targeting Elderly Hispanic Females
(PDF) (composite included)
11/19/09 DA Letter Re In Custody Death (PDF)
10/15/09 Memorial Honoring Army Reservist Sgt. Rico Borjas (PDF)
9/29/09 Missing Person At Risk (photo included) (PDF)
9/29/09 Kearny Villa Road Closure (PDF)
9/28/09 Property Auction (PDF)
9/28/09 News Release - Operation "Red Sky" (PDF)
9/28/09 News Conference - Operation "Red Sky" (PDF)
9/18/09 Residential Burglary Scam (PDF)
9/16/09 Chargers Fan Code of Conduct (PDF)
9/15/09 Arrest in Mission Hills Burglary Series (PDF)
9/10/09 Arrest in Burglary Series (PDF)
9/10/09 Terry Bennett Motorcycle Competition (PDF)
9/8/09 DA Letter Re Non-fatal Shooting (PDF)
9/8/09 Labor Day stats (PDF)
9/1/09 Labor Day Beach Enforcement (PDF)
8/25/09 Suspect Arrested for Threats to Co-Workers (photo included) (PDF)
8/14/09 "A.M. Rapist" Series Arrest (PDF)
8/5/09 Car Sales - New Ordinance (PDF)
8/5/09 Mid City Burglary Arrests (PDF)
8/3/09 Southern Division Curfew Sweep (PDF)
7/24/09 Operation "Street Sweep II" (PDF)
7/24/09 Mid City Burglary Series Arrests (PDF)
7/22/09 Loftis Arrest (PDF)
7/21/09 Property Auction Scheduled (PDF)
7/20/09 Arrest in Sexual Assault Case (PDF)
7/20/09 Murder for Hire Arrest (PDF)
7/14/09 Public Safety Day 7/18/09 (PDF)
7/8/09 DA Letter Re Non-Fatal Shooting (Mr. Jose Ruben Fragoso) (PDF)
7/7/09 Pedicab Driver Arrest (PDF)
7/7/09 Arrest in Kidnapping Case (PDF)
7/7/09 July 4, 2009 Enforcement Stats (PDF)
7/7/09 DNA Results in Parker Case (PDF)
7/7/09 Arrest in Home Invasion Case (PDF)
7/7/09 July 4 Beach Enforcement (PDF)
6/25/09 Operation Jackpot (PDF)
6/19/09 Indecent Exposure Suspect UPDATE (PDF)
6/18/09 Indecent Exposure Suspect Arrested (PDF)
6/15/09 Attempted Abduction - Valencia Park (PDF)
6/12/09 Sexual Assault Felony Enforcement (SAFE)
Task Force Operation
6/11/09 DA Letter Re Bradley Fatal Shooting (PDF)
6/11/09 Community Event - Mountain View Rec Center June 13, 2009 (PDF)
6/4/09 Community Event - Sports Arena Area June 9, 2009
Chick-fil-A Flyer (PDF)
5/30/09 RLPS - 30-Day-Warning Period Ends (PDF)
5/29/09 Law Enforcement Torch Run - Special Olympics (PDF)
5/26/09 Financial Crimes Suspect Arrested (PDF)
5/26/09 DA Letter Re Kosakoff Fatal Shooting (PDF)
5/26/09 Memorial Day Stats (PDF)
5/22/09 Memorial Day DUI Checkpoint (PDF)
5/22/09 Attempted Kidnapping Case (Brooklyn Avenue) (PDF)
(composite included)
5/22/09 Operation Safe Nights (PDF)
5/21/09 Memorial Day Beach Enforcement
5/20/09 Child Molest Cases at WalMart Stores
(photos included) (PDF)
5/19/09 Arrest in Child Molestation Case (PDF)
5/16/09 AM/PM Robbery Suspects Sought
(photos included) (PDF)
5/15/09 Robbery Suspects Sought (photos included) (PDF)
5/13/09 "This Ain't No Joke" Series Suspect Arrested
5/13/09 Funnie's Yogurt Shop Robbery Suspect Sought (PDF)
• Video 1
• View Video 2
5/7/09 Scam Targeting the Elderly (PDF)
5/4/09 Owners of Stolen Property Sought (PDF)
Photos (PDF)
5/1/09 Operation Stampede News Release (PDF)
5/1/09 Operation Stampede Media Advisory (PDF)
4/30/09 New RLPS Intersections Activated (PDF)
4/30/09 Home Invasion / Sexual Assault Case (PDF)
4/22/09 Arrest in Linda Vista Assault Case (PDF)
4/20/09 Sale of Unclaimed Property 4/25/09 (PDF)
4/14/09 Sexual Battery/Indecent Exposure Suspect Sought (PDF)
4/8/09 Missing Juvenile - Jeremy Bordeaux -LOCATED
(photo included) (PDF)
4/1/09 Street Robbery and Assault with Deadly Weapon
(composite included) (PDF)
4/1/09 Spring Break Beach Enforcement (PDF)
3/30/09 U.S. Census Bureau - Address Canvassing Operation
3/30/09 Reminder Re: Curfew Laws (PDF)
3/30/09 Operation Safe Crossing (PDF)
3/26/09 End of 30-Day Warning for RLPS Intersection
3/25/09 Media Availability with Earp
3/20/09 Pursuit of Narcotics Suspects  (PDF)
• View Video 1 (Narcotics Suspects)
3/20/09 Juvenile Curfew Sweep - Southeastern Div.
3/18/09 Runaway Juvenile - Maria Austillo
photo included (PDF)
3/17/09 Home Invasion Cases (PDF)
3/17/09 DA Letter re Non-Fatal Shooting of Mr. Aguilar (PDF)
3/11/09 Alcohol Ban at SD Beaches & Parks (PDF)
3/6/09 DA Letter Re: Zavala Death (PDF)
3/5/09 Home Invasion Robbery Case (PDF)
2/27/09 San Diego Police Museum - Grand Opening (PDF)
2/25/09 Missing Person - Juan Mendoza (photo included) LOCATED 2/26/09 (PDF)
2/25/09 Pursuit from Pacific Beach Area (PDF)
View this video (Pacific Beach)
2/25/09 Red Light Photo Safety Intersection Activated (PDF)
2/23/09 290 PC Registrant Arrested - Vincent Greco (photo included) (PDF: 1M)
2/23/09 SD ICAC Task Force - Deluca Sentenced (PDF)
2/23/09 Northeastern Division Juvenile Curfew Sweep
2/13/09 Auto Theft Suspects Arrested After Pursuit (PDF)
View video (Auto Theft case)
2/12/09 Property Auction Saturday (PDF)
2/5/09 Attempted Kidnapping Case (composite included) (PDF)
2/4/09 Balboa Park Child Molest Case UPDATE
(composite included) (PDF)
2/4/09 Information Sought in Child Molestation Cases (photo included) (PDF)
2/3/09 Information Sought in Child Molestation Cases (photo included) (PDF)
2/2/09 Carjacking/Kidnapping Suspects Arrested (PDF)
View video (Kidnapping Suspects)
2/2/09 Robbery Suspect Sought (photo included) (PDF: 1.2M)
2/2/09 Crisis Intervention Volunteers - Informational Meeting (PDF)
1/29/09 Pursuit of Stolen Vehicle Nets Suspects (PDF)
View video (Stolen Vehicle)
1/29/09 Missing 19-year-old Kristen Padilla (LOCATED) (PDF)
1/28/09 Missing 78-year-old LOCATED (photo included) (PDF)
1/26/09 Arrests in "Tactical Take-Over" Robbery Series (PDF)
1/26/09 Balboa Park Molestation Case (composite included) (PDF: 1.4M)
1/23/09 Operation Safe Nights VII Juvenile Curfew Sweep (PDF)
1/22/09 Runaway Juvenile - Jair Garcia Whitham LOCATED (PDF)
1/16/09 Three New Red Light Photo Safety Intersections Go Online Today (PDF: 1M)
1/14/09 Rotary Heroes Luncheon - January 15, 2009 (PDF)
1/14/09 DA Letter Re: Fatal Shooting of Joseph Giordano (PDF)
1/7/09 Red Light Photo Safety - End of 30-day Warning Period (PDF: 1M)
1/7/09 Arrests in Car Burglary Case (PDF)
1/6/09 Safety Alert - Replica Gun Incident (photos included)
View Video (Replica Gun)