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Physical Abilities Test and Pre-Investigative Questionnaire

For this test, candidates will be required to run a 475 yard obstacle course which measures a wide range of physical abilities that are necessary in police work. This course, which simulates a suspect chase, will require you to dodge low hanging objects; climb ladders and stairs; run through a series of pylons; jump, step and/or climb over a 3 foot, 4 foot, and 6 foot fence; and partially lift and drag a 155 pound "simulated victim." You will be provided a vest which weighs approximately 3 pounds and must be worn while performing this test. Shorts or loose fitting clothes that do not restrict arm and leg movements are suggested as appropriate clothing. Footwear should be some type of comfortable athletic shoe with a gripping rubber sole.

At the time of the test, a test monitor will describe the test more fully and answer any questions you might have. This is a physically strenuous test designed to simulate the actual physical demands placed on Police Officers. If you are not in top physical condition, it is advised that you begin NOW to improve areas where you may need work.

NOTE: If you fail the Physical Abilities Test, you may request to be re-tested at a later date. No further processing will occur until the Physical Abilities Test has been passed.

The PAT is conducted at the San Diego Police Department training facility located on Spruance RD and Kinkaid RD.

Practice Physical Abilities Tests

Candidates wishing to practice the Physical Abilities Test before starting the process may do so every Tuesday and Thursday at 1:00 p.m. at the San Diego Regional Law Enforcement Training Center.

Practices will be cancelled without notice in the event of inclement weather.

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