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Wednesday, February 27, 2002

City of San Diego's Web Site Selected as
"Top Pick" Nationally for Fourth Time in Five Years

SAN DIEGO - Described as "notable not only for content, but for form as well," the City of San Diego's web site has been selected as one of the top municipal web sites in the country for the fourth time in five years. The honor came from MuniNet Guide and Review, an organization that provides a searchable online database of municipal and related web sites with more than 7,000 listings.

"San Diego employs excellent navigation tools that are simple, clean, and intuitive, making it easy to locate specific content within the site," MuniNet wrote. The reviewers also liked "the City's use of its web site to increase accountability; case in point: online budget comment form and a list of community budget forums."

The City's web site has been the recipient of several major honors. In 2001, the web site received the highest ranking of America's 70 largest metropolitan areas by Brown University's Taubman Center for Public Policy. Also last year, a study by the Civic Resource Group recognized San Diego as having one of the three best web sites of all major metropolitan cities. In addition, for two years in a row an annual survey of residents has shown that more than 90 percent of San Diego citizens rate the web site as good or excellent.

"The praise and recognition we have received for the City's web site is very gratifying," said Richard Wilken, director of the City's Information Technology and Communications Department. "We work hard to continually update the site with new information and features for citizens to help keep them informed and provide better service."

The City's web site address is www.sandiego.gov.

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