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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

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SAN DIEGO - Beginning immediately the City of San Diego will provide a one-time opportunity for individuals to resolve old parking citations issued prior to June 1, 1998 for 50% off of the current amount due.

The reduced rate actually saves the City money. "These citations have reached a point where the costs associated with collecting them have increased," says Michael Vogl, Collections Program Manager. "It makes good sense to reduce the amount and get them off the books. It's faster, easier and more efficient than the alternative and it benefits the public."

Vehicle owners who fail to pay their parking citations face stiff consequences including vehicle registration holds, vehicle impoundment, derogatory credit information, lower credit scores and litigation. By resolving their citations, individuals can stop or avoid the consequences of non-payment.

Concurrently, the City Treasurer's Collection Program has partnered with the Parking Management Program to step up efforts to identify, locate and impound vehicles with delinquent outstanding citations. This includes the use of the AutoFind, a van equipped with tracking technology. By scanning license plates of vehicles parked on City Streets they can now identify, confirm and order the impound of vehicles with outstanding citations within minutes.

The reduced collections program ends on June 20, 2005. Anyone interested in taking advantage of Reduced Payments (for citations issued before June 1, 1998 only) offer can contact the City Treasurer's Collection Division by phone at (619) 744-3104 or by email at collections@sandiego.gov.

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