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Book Group Kits

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A Book Group Kit is a canvas bag that contains everything that a book discussion group needs to read and discuss a book. Refer to Discussion Guides for information on how to begin a book discussion group.

Each kit contains:

  • 10 copies of the same book
  • A notebook containing:
    • Discussion questions
    • Book reviews
    • Author information
    • Additional resources that will help group members better understand the book
    • The items in a Book Group Kit all have the same Library barcode and the contents are checked out as one item
    • A sign out sheet

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of book groups using the Library's One Book, One San Diego Book Group Kits?

Book discussion groups frequently have difficulty finding a sufficient number of copies of a book in the library. This is an easier way of borrowing books.

Sometimes book groups cannot find discussion questions. Discussion questions come with every Kit.

How many book group kits does the library have?


How does a book group borrow a Book Group Kit?

Place a HOLD on a kit (with your library account number and PIN) through the Library’s online catalog. You may also visit or call the Central Library Literature Section (619-236-5800) and arrange to pick up a Book Group Kit at the Central Library or your local branch.

How can it be checked out?

The items in a Book Group Kit all have the same Library barcode and the contents are checked out as one item. Book Group Kits are canvas bags that contain everything that a book discussion group needs-10 copies of the same title, discussion questions, book reviews, and author information.

Who can check out a Book Group Kit?

The kits are designed to be checked out to one member of a book group. Once a kit is checked out, the books can be shared with the group members.

The person who checks out the kit is financially responsible for returning all the pieces. A sign out sheet is included in the back of the reading guide so the group can keep track of the books.

Where are the Book Group Kits located?

In the Literature and Languages Section of the Central Library.

Can I arrange for a Book Group Kit to be sent to another library?


For how long can a Book Group Kit be checked out?

56 days (8 weeks). This amount of time allows a member of a book group to check out a Kit, hand out books to the group at its next meeting, allow the members to keep and read the books until the following meeting (the meeting where the group is discussed) and then collect the books from the members and return the Kit.

Can I renew a Book Group Kit?

One time as long as there aren't holds for the kit.

Can I place a computer catalog hold on a Book Group Kit?


How do I know if I am checking out a complete kit?

Before every kit is circulated, the contents are checked to make sure that it is complete.

Where can I return Book Group Kits?

Book Group Kits may be returned to any City of San Diego Public Library site. NOTE: They may not be returned in book drops.

What if I discover that books or other contents are missing from the Book Group Kits before I turn them in?

If any books are missing, a replacement fee will be assessed. If the kit is lost, a replacement fee for the entire kit will be generated.

Please check the contents of each Kit before returning it.

Are there overdue fees for late Book Group Kits?

Overdue Book Group Kits are fined $.30 per day.

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