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Parents, Children & Technologies

Children looking through a book

Welcome to the San Diego Public Library's Parents, Children & Technologies site!

At this site, you will find many things that may help you better understand how your children are using technologies for learning in their schools, and at the libraries they visit.

When you understand the new ways of learning your children are following, you may be able to better help them with their homework, and you may feel more comfortable working with the teachers and administrators in your child's school.

Welcome again to your San Diego Public Library!

What would you like to explore?

What technologies are in schools and libraries? What are they used for?

This section gives you a description of the technologies found in schools and how they work. You can also discover how students and teachers are using technologies for learning and teaching.

What is the Internet, and how does it work?

Learn the basics about the Internet, including:

  • The Internet and the World Wide Web
    (and why they are not the same thing!)
  • Internet Research
  • Evaluating Web Content
  • Using Search Engines

How can I help my child learn using technologies?

Check out what is known about technology and learning, and some of the safety concerns you might have when your kids are using technologies.