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Contract Requirements

General Provisions are the legally-binding clauses that frame the solicitation process and are part of any contract. Please review your contract document for the applicable General Provisions listed below.

  1. General Contract Terms and Provisions (PDF) dated October 1, 2015
  2. Water Quality - Best Management Practices Requirements (PDF) dated April 1, 2008

Rules Implementing the Living Wage Ordinance (PDF) provide guidance for contractors to comply fully with San Diego Municipal Code Division 42 (Living Wage Ordinance) which requires covered employers and their subcontractors to pay a wage sufficient for a full-time worker to meet basic needs and avoid economic hardship. The following LWO information and forms are included.

Contractor Standards Ordinance Rules (PDF) provide procedures to determine bidders and contractors are capable to fully perform contract requirements and have the business integrity to justify award of public tax dollars, as required by San Diego Municipal Code 22.3004 (Contractor Standards Ordinance, page 3). The Contractor Standards Pledge of Compliance (PDF), included in all applicable contracts, is provided here.

Business Taxes - The City of San Diego requires vendors to comply with Section 31.0301 (PDF) of the San Diego Municipal Code regarding business taxes.

Americans with Disabilities Act (PDF) - Every person or organization awarded a contract, lease, or grant by the City of San Diego acknowledges and agrees that it is aware of and will comply with Council Policy 100-04, adopted by Resolution No. 282153 relating to the Federally-mandated Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Contractors and subcontractors will be individually responsible for their own ADA program.

Drug-Free Workplace (PDF) pertains to the City Council policy on Drug-Free Workplaces. The policy establishes the requirement that all City construction contractors, consultants, grantees, and providers of non-professional services agree to comply with this Drug-Free Workplace Policy.

Service Worker Retention Ordinance pertains to services and contracts and is provided for informational purposes only. The City of San Diego does not provide legal advice to any bidder or contract awardee. See the City of San Diego Disclaimers page for more information. Consult a legal advisor for more information.