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Grantville Study Area

IMPORTANT NOTICE: The Redevelopment Agency of the City of San Diego (Agency) is dissolved as of February 1, 2012, per Assembly Bill 1X 26 (AB 26). The City of San Diego, serving as the successor agency per Resolution No. R-307238 (PDF) (January 12, 2012), has assumed the former Agency's assets, rights, and obligations under the California Community Redevelopment Law, subject to some limitations, and is winding down the former Agency's affairs and taking other actions in accordance with the dissolution provisions in Part 1.85 of AB 26. For questions regarding either the enforceable/recognized obligations of the former Agency or the Oversight Board, contact the Office of the Mayor at (619) 236-6330 or This website remains intact for historical reference purposes.

Grantville Redevelopment Project Area

Grantville Stakeholders Committee (GSC) Meetings





Grantville Master Plan Walking Tour & Audit

Grantville Redevelopment Project — Final Program Environmental Impact Report (March 2005) Aerial Photo of San Diego River at Grantville

General Project Area Information

The City of San Diego's 990-acre Grantville Redevelopment Project Area and Redevelopment Plan were established by the San Diego City Council on May 3, 2005. The Project Area is located in eastern San Diego and encompasses part of the Navajo Community, the Tierrasanta Community, and the College Area Community. The Project Area includes portions of the San Diego River and is located in close proximity to Mission Valley, Mission Trails Park, and San Diego State University

The goals of the Grantville Redevelopment Project Area and Redevelopment Plan are to remove physical and economic blighting conditions and to ensure the continued economic viability of the commercial, industrial, and retail uses within the Project Area. The Redevelopment Plan allows for the financing of improvements within the Project Area in order to remove physical and economic blight and to provide affordable housing. Potential Agency assistance or activity may include, but is not limited to, façade rehabilitations, industrial pollution mitigation, parking and circulation projects, and streetscape improvements. Other issues to be addressed include urban runoff into San Diego River, incompatible uses, and obsolete buildings within the Project Area.

The Grantville Redevelopment Project Area is within the City's Navajo and Tierrasanta Community Planning Area. The more than 1,400 acres that comprise the Project Area consist of three non-contiguous Subareas.

  • Subarea-A: Comprised of the commercial, industrial and retail uses north of I-8 and along both sides of Fairmont Avenue and Mission Gorge Road up to Zion Avenue.
  • Subarea-B: Contains the office, industrial and mining operations and along Mission Gorge Road from Zion Avenue to Margerum Avenue.
  • Subarea-C: A shopping center, retail uses and community facilities at and adjacent to the intersection of Zion Avenue and Waring Road.

Objectives of the Grantville Redevelopment Plan

  • Retain and expand neighborhood supporting businesses
  • Improve the appearance and character of industrial and commercial uses
  • Enhance economic growth
  • Explore opportunities for mixed uses
  • Improve the flow of traffic
  • Improve public infrastructure
  • Alleviate the shortage of parking
  • Address urban runoff and industrial pollution
  • Expand community serving recreational opportunities
  • Support habitat conservation and restoration
  • Improve and/or develop public facility assets

In order to accomplish these objectives, the Redevelopment Plan provides for participation in the redevelopment process by property owners and business owners located within the Project Area and, if necessary, for relocation assistance of displaced occupants.

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Project Area Documents

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Other Documents

  • Grantville Redevelopment Survey Area Map, March 30, 2004
    The Survey Area Map identifies the redevelopment survey area that the City Council approved on March 30, 2004.
  • City Manager/City Council Report, March 24, 2004 (RA-04-04, CMR-04-038)
    Request to City Council and Redevelopment Agency to approve the proposed Grantville Redevelopment Survey Area boundaries and take necessary actions to initiate the redevelopment plan adoption process, and authorize the Agency to execute consultant agreements.
  • Grantville Redevelopment Feasibility Study, July 10, 2003 (PDF)
    This Redevelopment feasibility study assessed the legal and financial implications of formulating a redevelopment area within the Grantville Neighborhood, which is in the City's Navajo Community Plan Area. The redevelopment study area was comprised of three non-contiguous subareas.
  • Navajo Community Plan
    The goal of the Navajo Community Plan is to provide for the health, safety and welfare of the current and future residents of Navajo, and maintain the area as a desirable neighborhood to live, work and shop. The Navajo Community Plan provides information regarding land use, existing conditions, objectives, proposals and design guidelines. The Grantville Amendment (January 5, 1989) updated the existing conditions within Grantville, provided additional design guidelines for Grantville, and established supplemental development regulations (i.e., Community Plan Implementation Overlay Zone (CPIOZ)) for Grantville.
  • Tierrasanta Community Plan
    The Tierrasanta Community Plan is intended to serve as a guide for future public and private development within the Tierrasanta community through 2000. The plan includes a series of goals and objectives established by the community which are consistent with City-wide policies. While this plan also sets forth many proposals for implementation, it does not establish new regulations or legislation, nor does it rezone property. Controls over zoning, subdivision, transportation, building construction, and other development must be enacted separately as part of the implementation program.

Redevelopment Projects and Programs

The Agency encourages projects that implement the objectives of the Grantville Redevelopment Plan, and projects that are in accordance with the City of San Diego General Plan and applicable community plans.

The Redevelopment Agency seeks to work with existing property owners, business owners, tenants and residents, as well as potential new investors and property owners to improve the area and implement the Grantville Redevelopment Plan, the City of San Diego General Plan, and applicable community plans.

Housing Enhancement Loan Program
The Grantville Redevelopment Housing Enhancement Loan Program (HELP) provides forgivable loans to low- and moderate-income owner-occupants within the Project Area and within the surrounding neighborhoods located in census tracts 96.02, 96.04, and 97.03 to help them repair and improve their homes.

General Redevelopment Information

Redevelopment is a process specifically authorized under California law to assist local governments in revitalizing communities. Redevelopment encourages new development, creates jobs and generates tax revenue (increment) in declining urbanized area by development partnerships between local governments and private entities. Over 400 California cities and counties have adopted redevelopment plans. The City of San Diego has 14 Project Areas.

Project Area Contact Information

For additional information about the Grantville Redevelopment Project Area, contact the following:

Joel Hyatt
Redevelopment Project Area Manager
(619) 236-6525

The Redevelopment Agency of the City of San Diego
1200 Third Avenue, 14th Floor, MS 56D
San Diego, CA 92101
(619) 236-6700

To be added to the Project Area e-mail list, e-mail your name to and indicate that you want to receive news (notice/agenda) about the Grantville Redevelopment Project Area in the subject line of your message ("Always E-Mail List"). NOTE: If an e-mail address has a delivery problem, it will be deleted from the Grantville interest list.

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