July 6, 2001 - 1:00 p.m
City Council Committee Room
202 C Street, 12th Floor
San Diego, California

Item 1. Call to Order
Item 2. Roll Call
Item 3. Non-Agenda Comment

This portion of the agenda provides an opportunity for members of the public to address the Redistricting Commission on items of interest within the jurisdiction of the Commission.

Comments are limited to no more than two minutes per speaker . Submit requests to speak to the Commission's Operations Director prior to 1:00 p.m. Pursuant to the Ralph M. Brown Act, no discussion or action, other than a referral, shall be taken by the Redistricting Commission on any issue brought forth under "Non-Agenda Comment."

Item 4. Director's Report

Staff will report on the filing of the Preliminary Redistricting Plan with the City Clerk's Office and present the draft agenda for the upcoming Public Hearings.

Item 5. Development and Adoption of an Alternate Redistricting Plan

Commission members will continue the map development process by drawing an alternate map based on unification of the community of City Heights. Staff will assist the Commission using the Maptitude Redistricting software. Mapitutude will also be used to analyze the effects of the proposed boundary changes on protected groups and communities of interest pending a more detailed analysis and report from the Commission's consultant.

Item 6. Adjournment.

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