Redistricting Commission


Redistricting Commissioner Pursuant to San Diego City Charter Section 5.1, to adopt plans which specify the boundaries of districts for the City Council of the City of San Diego. 1
Chief of Staff Pursuant to San Diego City Charter Section 5.1, to serve at the Commission's pleasure, and to contract for needed staff, technical consultants and services. 1
Consultant   2


Category 1:

a. Investments and business positions in any business entity located in or doing business in the City of San Diego.
b. Income (including loans, gifts, and travel payments) from sources located in or doing business in the City of San Diego.
c. Interests in real property located in the City of San Diego, including property located within a two-mile radius of any property owned or used by the City.
d. All reportable investments and business positions in, and all reportable income from redistricting consultant businesses. For purposes of Category 1(d) only, the definitions of "income" and "investment" contained in Government Code sections 82030 and 82034 shall not apply, and disclosure shall include interests in all redistricting consultant businesses, regardless of where they are located or doing business.

Category 2:

Consultants shall be included in the list of designated positions and shall disclose pursuant to the broadest category in the code subject to the following limitation:

The Redistricting Commission or the Chief of Staff may determine in writing that a particular consultant, although a "designated position," is hired to perform a range of duties that is limited in scope and thus is not required to fully comply with the disclosure requirements described in this section. Such written determination shall include a description of the consultant's duties and, based upon that description, a statement of the extent of disclosure requirements. The Commission's or Chief of Staff's determination is a public record and shall be retained for public inspection in the same manner and location as this Conflict of Interest Code.