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As small business owners we all work so hard and put in an enormous amount of time to earn a little money.  It’s an incredible feeling when a big chunk of money comes back to you.  I don’t know about your business, but it’s difficult for most of us to make a $66,000 profit!!

... We certainly did not believe it.  That’s why it took us 8 years before we applied.

...Now, $66,000 later, I can’t thank the Enterprise Zone Program enough!  We were able to purchase new work trucks and tools for the forklift mechanics and make life a whole lot better.

I strongly urge you to take just a little time and apply for your Enterprise Zone credits.  You work in the Zone. Let the Zone work for you!

- Vicki Garcia-Golden, E& E Industries

San Diego, CA


Being located in the South Bay Enterprise Zone is one tool that enhances our ability to compete for both internal and external resources. We are, or are in the process of utilizing several incentive options including hiring credits, equipment sales/use tax and net operating loss carry forward provisions.”             

Goodrich Corporation

Chula Vista, CA


We are a company that manufactures high quality ethnic bakery & tortilla goods as well as offering quality fruits & vegetables, fresh meats and groceries at competitive prices to our customers. We have been operating stores in National City, Chula Vista, & San Diego for the past 18 years. 

….The Enterprise Zone program was a major incentive to locate my business in San Diego and to hire disadvantaged residents that live in the trade areas of these stores.

- Chris Dallo, Dallo & Company Inc.

San Diego, CA


We have been located in San Diego’s Enterprise Zone since 1990, and we have over 40 employees. 

…The Enterprise Zone program was a  major incentive to locate my business in San Diego and hire disadvantaged residents.

- Dennis Rethmeier, President, Western Pump, Inc.

San Diego, CA


Over the past 2 years Marine Group Boat Works has gone through a major expansion project which has created approximately 30 new jobs.

…The Enterprise Zone Program provides, employers like myself, the assurance that the benefits which brought us to Chula Vista will remain in place and keep California competitive to attract new companies.

        -   Arthur E. Engel, Marine Group Boat Works

Chula Vista, CA


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