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Information for Residents

San Diego residents have the most to offer and the most to gain from Think Blue. Each of us in San Diego can take simple steps to reduce pollution of our waterways and storm drain system.  First, its important to remember that some of our day-to-day activities have the potential to negatively impact water quality. Leaking automotive fluids, leaves and grass clippings from our yards, pet waste left on the ground and cigarette butts tossed outside are just a few of the types of pollution we need to pay attention to and avoid.

When it rains, or when water is allowed to runs off properties it can pick up these pollutants and other debris that endanger our local waterways. Storm drains are not connected to a treatment system so everything that flows into a drain goes directly to the nearest water body, ultimately flowing into the ocean.

How You Can Help

Step One:

By visiting this site you've already taken the first step toward helping improve the water quality at our beaches and bays. You’ve been given some important information about how simple changes at home can protect the environment.

Step Two:

"Be a Clean Water Leader" and share your knowledge with friends, neighbors and family. We need every one to take action to reduce the amount of pollution generated in our communities. Included below are links to brochures and other information perfect for sharing the importance of Think Blue.

Step Three:

Adopt clean water habits outlined in our brochures, fact sheets, and Public Service Announcements. Remember, each of us has a role to play in preventing pollution of our streams, creeks, rivers and beaches.

Step Four:

Step up when you see the potential for storm water pollution. We encourage everyone to report pollution of storm drains and our recreational waters. In the City of San Diego call (619) 235-1000. In the greater San Diego region, call 1-(888) 844-6525 to make a report

Information Materials

Pollution Prevention Guidebooks

Integrated Pest Management

Flood Prevention Tips

  • Keep trash and debris out of street gutters. Loose materials can clog storm drains and increase the potential for flooding throughout your neighborhood.
  • Inspect and clear rain gutters on your property to keep them from overflowing.
  • If you live in an area that has experienced flooding in the past, be sure that important items like keepsakes, tools and equipment are stored off the floor.
  • Once rains begin, avoid low lying roadways and find alternate routes around areas like Mission Valley and the beach area communities prone to temporary flooding.
  • Stay safe. Use caution and slow down on roads and freeways. Be aware of road conditions and avoid driving through standing or moving water.

Pollution Prevention Tips During the Rain

  • Pick up after your pets — rain water can wash pet waste into our storm drains causing bacterial contamination at our beaches.
  • Don't litter. Rain water washes trash and debris into storm drains which flow untreated to our beaches and bays.
  • Make sure your car is in good repair. Automotive fluids that leak onto our streets are a leading cause of pollution in our rivers, bays and ocean front.