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Rebate Programs

Grass Replacement Rebates

UPDATE: Due to high interest, funding for the grass replacement and micro-irrigation rebate programs has been exhausted. Additional City funding will be available soon, and rebates will be offered on a first-come, first-served basis. New Rebate Program Guidelines are being developed. Please check back soon for program updates.

Rain barrel rebates are still available. Please check the SoCal Water$mart Rebates for information on other rebates offered.

Enhanced rebate program

Before and after photos of a grass replacement project funded through the City's rebate

Photo of front yard number one before replacement Photo of front yard number one after replacement Photo of front yard number two before replacement Photo of front yard number two after replacement

As of September 1, 2014, the City of San Diego is pleased to announce its enhanced Grass Replacement Rebate of $2 per square foot to residential and commercial customers looking to replace grass with water wise landscapes.

In addition, Metropolitan Water District of Southern California (MWD) offers a similar program, and City of San Diego customers may qualify for both. With each program offering up to $2 per square foot in rebates, applicants are eligible to receive a total of $4 per square foot if they qualify for both rebates.

Grass is one of the thirstiest plant materials used in our landscapes. Sustainable landscapes are intended to be in balance with the local climate and environment, and are designed to require few added resources.

Converting a traditional grass lawn to sustainable landscaping can reduce your watering of that area by up to 70%. Put into perspective, switching from grass and conventional, high-precipitation rate sprinklers to water-wise plant material and micro irrigation systems can save up to 44 gallons of water annually for each square foot of landscape area converted.

Be sure to read the City of San Diego Grass Replacement Guidelines (PDF). Details on the City's program and a link to the SoCalWater$mart's website are available below.

IMPORTANT: Rebate application must be approved AND a pre-site inspection must be completed prior to starting project. No retroactive rebates available. ARTIFICIAL TURF DOES NOT QUALIFY FOR A REBATE.

City of San Diego Grass Replacement Rebate

Beginning September 1, 2014, City of San Diego customers can receive a rebate of up to $2.00 per square foot for residential sites that replace existing grass with water wise landscaping. Preliminary site inspection is required to confirm your qualification.

Residential Customers
  • Rebate limit is 2,400 square feet and $4,800 per site for front, side and back yard grass removalMinimum conversion per application is 400 square feet (If area is less than 400 square feet it must be 100% of front, side or backyard grass area.)
Commercial, Irrigation and Multi-Family Customers
  • Rebate limit is up to 30,000 square feet and $60,000 per site.
  • Minimum conversion per application is 1,000 square feet.

All projects must be completed within 120 days of City-designated start date.

Projects that DO NOT qualify for a rebate include those that install artificial turf, other turf grasses or vegetable gardens, as well as sites that use recycled water. Check the guidelines below for more information.

IMPORTANT: First read through the City of San Diego Grass Replacement Rebate Guidelines (PDF)

Additional Grass Replacement Rebate Opportunity

SoCal Water$mart Turf Replacement Program (Lawn Replacement)

An additional $2 per square foot rebate for turf/grass replacement may be available through the regional SoCal WaterSmart Rebate Program. Unlike the City's grass replacement rebate program, customers can participate in this rebate opportunity only once per site.