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Security Deposits

In most cases, the payment of a Security Deposit is required to open a utility account with the City of San Diego. The amount of the deposit required is based on the prior pattern of consumption at the service location. If the service location has no prior consumption history, the security deposit will be a standard deposit amount or be based on usage history at a similar service location. The security deposit requirement may be waived when the customer has an existing active account with a 12-month history of consecutive on-time payments.

If a security deposit is required on an account and one of the following occurs, the security deposit can be increased in $100 increments:

  • There is a poor history of on-time payment with the Public Utilities Department
  • Two (2) or more payments are returned unpaid within a one-year period
  • The account has been shut off for nonpayment more than once during the prior one-year period
  • The water service is illegally turned on after shut-off at the service location
  • The customer/accountholder is unwilling to provide sufficient personal identification information such as a driver's license number when opening the account

In most cases, security deposits are refunded after 12 consecutive months of on-time payment.

For more information about security deposits please contact a Public Utilities Department Customer Service Representative at (619) 515-3500.