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Bicycle Advisory Board

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The Bicycle Advisory Board will advise the Mayor and Council on policies related to the development and maintenance of the City’s bicycle network, implement the Bicycle Master Plan, and Vision Zero, and bicycle-related mode share goals of the Climate Action Plan.  The Board shall advise the Mayor and Council on policies relating to the development and implementation of the City’s Bicycle Master Plan; to bicycle safety, and infrastructure, and encouraging the use of bicycle transportation as a viable alternative to automobiles; to the implementation of the strategies in the City’s Climate Action Plan related to bicycle mode share goals; to the Vision Zero community goal of improving bicycle safety and infrastructure to achieve zero bicycle injuries and deaths caused by automobile collisions in San Diego;  and to federal, state, and local rules, regulations, and laws related to bicycle use in the City, such as the “Three Feet For Safety Act” established by California Vehicle Code section 21760.  The Board will also advise on ways City departments can coordinate with stakeholder groups and other government agencies on policies related to the use of bicycles in the City.  It will also advise the Mayor and Council on policies that encourage City participation in programs that promote the use of bicycle transportation; and on policies to address bicycle and automobile collision data, abandoned bicycles, and bicycle theft in the City based on data from the San Diego Police Department.

The Board shall provide an annual report to the Mayor and Council detailing the Board’s activities and recommendations.


The members shall be appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by the Council.


Members shall serve for two-year terms, and each member shall serve until a successor is duly appointed and confirmed.  The expiration date of all terms shall be June 30.  Members are limited to a maximum of eight consecutive years.  (Initial appointments that are less than the full term of two years shall not have the initial term count for purposes of the eight-year term limit.)  Any vacancy shall be filled for the remainder of the unexpired term.


The Board consists of eleven members who shall serve without compensation.  The Mayor shall appoint two members of the eleven members.  The Mayor shall appoint the remaining nine members, one each from a list of three nominations provided by each Councilmember.

Governed By

San Diego City Charter PDF icon Sections 42 and 43(a).

San Diego Municipal Code PDF icon sections 26.36 and 26.37, first adopted by PDF icon O-20759 (12-22-2016).


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