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Ethics Commission


The Ethics Commission shall:

(1) Monitor, administer, and enforce the City's governmental ethics laws and propose new governmental ethics law reforms.
(2) Conduct investigations, refer violations to appropriate enforcement agencies and audit disclosure statements.
(3) Advise and educate City officials and the public about governmental ethics laws.


Commissioners are appointed by the Mayor from a pool of nominees nominated by the Council and City Attorney and confirmed by Council.


Four (4) year terms beginning on July 1 and ending on June 30.


Seven (7) members. At least one of the members shall be a person who has held elective governmental office and at least two of the members of the Commission shall be attorneys in good standing with the California Bar Association. No more than three (3) members of the Commission shall be registered with the same political party.

Governed By

San Diego Municipal Code Chapter II, Article 6, Division 4, Sections PDF icon 26.0401 to 26.0415. Added August 7, 2001, by Ordinance PDF icon O-18945.

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