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Housing Advisory And Appeals Board


Provide for reasonable interpretation of provisions of the Housing Code. Adopt reasonable rules and regulations for conducting its investigations and render all decisions and findings in writing to the appellant and to the City Manager and may recommend to Council such new legislation as is consistent herewith. The Housing Director or his/her appointed representative shall act as secretary to the Board but shall have no vote.


Appointed by Mayor and confirmed by Council.


Two year staggered terms and until their successors have been appointed and qualified. The tenure of appointees shall be so scheduled that no more than three terms shall expire in any year. The Board shall select a Chairperson from its membership annually, unless a Chairperson is appointed by the Mayor.

Members shall be limited to a maximum of eight (8) consecutive years in office and an interval of four (4) years must pass before such persons can be reappointed.


Five (5) members who are qualified by experience and training to pass upon matters pertaining to the safety and adequacy of housing. Each member is prohibited from engaging in any activity which could result in a conflict of interest and must make an annual statement of financial disclosure.

Governed By

San Diego Municipal Code, Chapter IX, Article 8, Section 98.02.0203 adopted 1-9-1975, adopted Uniform Housing Code, 1973 Edition; latest amendment Ordinance PDF icon 0-11473, adopted 1-9-1975; this section was repealed by renumbering to Section 98.02.2, amended and renumbered on 12-17-1979 by Ordinance PDF icon 0-15138({DF) N.S. Renumbered to Section PDF icon 98.0105 on 9/30/85 by Ordinance PDF icon O-16511 N.S. Section PDF icon 42 of City Charter-Membership Selection, added 11-6-1973, effective 12-7-1973. Council Policy PDF icon 000-13. Resolution PDF icon R-218867, 7-20-1977.

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