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Managed Competition Independent Review Board (MCIRB)


Advise whether the proposal of City employees or that of an independent contractor will provide the services to the City more economically and efficiently while maintaining service quality and protecting the public interest.


Appointed by Mayor and confirmed by Council.


To promote continuity and organizational knowledge, the terms of the initial appointees to the Independent Review Board shall be staggered as follows: Two private citizens shall serve an initial three year term, and the other two private citizens shall serve two year terms. All subsequent terms by private citizens shall be two years. A member who has served two complete terms shall be ineligible for reappointment for two years after leaving the Board. The three City staff Board members shall not be subject to the above term limits.


The Board shall consist of:
(a) Seven (7) members appointed by the City Manager;
(b) Three (3) Board members shall be City staff, including a City Manager staff designee, a City Council staff designee and the City Auditor and Comptroller or staff designee; and
(c) Four (4) Board members shall be private citizens whose appointment shall be subject to City Council confirmation, and who shall serve without compensation.

Governed By

San Diego Municipal Code PDF icon Section 22.3701- 22.3716;; Ordinance PDF icon O-19565

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1 San Diego Charter § 260 (b)
All executive authority, power, and responsibilities conferred upon the City Manager in Article V, Article VII, and Article IX shall be transferred to, assumed, and carried out by the Mayor during the period of time this Article is operative.


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