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San Diego Regional Airport Authority Board of Directors


The San Diego County Regional Airport Authority is a public entity created by state law to operate the Airport and plan for the region's future air transportation needs.

The Airport Authority also serves as San Diego County's Airport Land Use Commission, responsible for protecting public health and safety surrounding airports and the adoption of land use measures that minimize the public's exposure to excessive noise and safety hazards around airports.


The Mayor of the City of San Diego shall appoint himself, or designate a member of the City Council to be his/her alternate; and a member of the public appointed by the Mayor of the City of San Diego;

Three (3) members of the public who reside in the City of San Diego appointed by the Mayor of the City of San Diego, with two (2) appointees requiring City Council confirmation.


Three (3) year term


Composed of nine (9) members

Governed By

California Public Utilities Code Sections 170016-170028

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