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Wetlands Advisory Board (WAB)


To advise the Mayor, City Council and City Manager on public policy matters relating to conservation of wetlands in the City of San Diego.


Appointed by Mayor and confirmed by Council.


Three-year (3) terms. Each member shall serve until a successor is duly appointed and confirmed. The members shall be appointed in such a manner so that the terms of not more than three (3) members shall expire in any year. The expiration date of all terms shall be July 1. During July of each year, the Mayor may designate one (1) member as Chairperson; however, in the absence of such designation, the Board shall, on or after September 1, select a Chairperson from among its members. Any vacancy shall be filled for the unexpired term of the member whose place becomes vacant.


Nine (9) members. The board shall consist of at least one (1) Wetland Scientist; At least one (1) Land Use Expert; At least one (1) representative with expertise in: vernal pools, coastal salt marsh, riparian fresh water habitat and marine resources; with consideration given to geographic diversity; At least one (1) representative from Environmental Organizations; and at least (1) member representing landowners. Committee membership may be adjusted by City Council as needed to meet changing requirements.

Governed By

Municipal Code Ordinance PDF icon 0-17674 (New Series) amending PDF icon Chapter II, Article 6, Division 10 , Sections 26.1001 and 26.1002. Amended by Ordinance PDF icon 0-19101 on 9/16/02.

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