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Vacancy - Council District 2

This page will be updated throughout the vacancy and appointment process.

PDF icon Final List of Qualified Applicants (PDF)

PDF icon Application Documents for Qualified Applicants (PDF)

As applications are received, they will be made available for review in the Office of the City Clerk.

The procedures for filling a vacancy in a Council office by appointment are contained in City PDF icon Charter Section 12, and PDF icon Divisions 7 and PDF icon 8 of Chapter 2, Article 7 of the San Diego Municipal Code (SDMC).

See below for the application documents. All are required for application. Please note that all applicants will undergo a police background check.

The application documents are the following:

  1. PDF icon Application Form (PDF)
  2. PDF icon Nominating Petition (PDF)
  3. PDF icon Statement of Economic Interests (Form 700)
  4. PDF icon Statement of Qualifications (PDF)

IMPORTANT: Applicants may not begin gathering petition signatures until Tuesday, March 4, 2014.

To be considered, all application documents must be returned to the Office of the City Clerk by the close of business, 5:00 p.m., on Monday, March 17, 2014. In order to facilitate the required police background check, applicants should please bring their California Driver's License or California ID when filing.

§27.0708 Effect of Redistricting on Filling a Vacancy in Council Office

If a vacancy occurs for any reason, and if redistricting has occurred between the date of the election of the office holder and the date of the vacancy, the redistricting will have no effect on the boundaries used to determine who is eligible to fill the vacancy, either by appointment or special election. The boundaries used to fill the vacancy will be the same as those used in the original election, and all the following requirements shall be met:

  1. A candidate for appointment or election will be a resident and voter from within the district boundaries as they existed prior to redistricting.
  2. In order to be counted as valid, nominating signatures must come from votersregistered within the district boundaries as they existed prior to redistricting.

Check Your Residence District

For specific questions, please contact the Office of the City Clerk at 619-533-4000 or by email to [email protected].


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