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Established in 2005, Imaging is the most recent addition to the Records Management Program. The Imaging Section helps to streamline and improve business processes by utilizing high speed / high volume scanners to convert paper documents into digitized images that can be easily organized, quickly retrieved, indexed and archived. Many of these documents are viewable online via the City Clerk's Webpage for Official City Records.

Imaging also supports the City Clerk's Historical and Vital Records Program. Historical records capture the history of the City of San Diego and provide valuable information to scholarly researchers and are a rich resource for citizens to explore.

Vital records are those essential City documents needed during a natural disaster which will help City departments to continue to provide important services to the citizens.

Historical and vital records are scanned and electronically converted to microfilm using the i9610 Archive Writer. Microfilm is recognized by the Records Management Industry as the preferred medium for long term storage (hundreds of years) of valuable records.


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