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The Civil Advisory Section of the City Attorney’s Office provides legal support and advice to the City Council, the Mayor and all City Departments.

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  • City Council Resolutions and Ordinances
    An ordinance is a law adopted by the City Council. A resolution is a formal expression of opinion or intention of the City Council.

  • Agency Resolutions and Ordinances
    Ordinances that have been adopted by the City Council, and resolutions that have been adopted by one of the City of San Diego agencies.

  • Memorandum of Law
    Response to request typically posed by the Mayor, City Council (jointly or separately), any full commission, board, committee, or agency (whether or not Charter based), through that entity's executive director or City liaison, or Department Director, which narrowly applies the interpretation of the current law to a particular problem or situation.

  • Legal Opinions
    Response to request or question posed by the Mayor and City Council (jointly or individually), Council Committees, Charter section 41 commissions (e.g., Civil Service Commission and Planning Commission), Retirement Board, Housing Authority, Redevelopment Agency (jointly, but not as individuals), or Department Director that sets forth an opinion with either broad application or important implications.

  • City Attorney Reports
    Report on the status of the law in any given area, or prepared upon the initiative of the City Attorney or staff, when a matter of importance comes to the attention of the Mayor and City Council (jointly), Council Committees, City Manager, Charter-based Commissions, Boards, or Agencies.

  • City Attorney Closed Session Meeting Reports
    City Attorney reports of City Council Closed Session Meetings.

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