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A Memorandum of Law issued by the City Attorney’s Office is a response to a request or question typically posed by the Mayor, City Council (jointly or separately), any full commission, board, committee, or agency (whether or not Charter based), through that entity's executive director or City liaison, City Manager, Assistant City Manager, Deputy City Manager, or Department Director, which narrowly applies the interpretation of the current law to a particular problem or situation. More Details about Memoranda of Law...

Documents Available for Download

These documents are available for viewing in Portable Document Format (PDF) using the free Adobe Reader. If you are unable to view the documents, please review the Help page or contact our office at (619) 533-4000 for alternative formats.

Date Attorney No. Subject
04/23/2007 MS-2007-5 Decertification of the La Jolla Community Planning Association, Inc.
04/16/2007 MS-2007-6 Request to Continue Impasse Hearing and Introduction of Salary Ordinance
04/04/2007 MS-2007-5_4 Attachment 4 to ML-2007-5
04/04/2007 MS-2007-5_3 Attachment 3 to ML-2007-5
04/04/2007 MS-2007-5_2 Attachment 2 to ML-2007-5
04/04/2007 MS-2007-5_1 Attachment 1 to ML-2007-5
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